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Among Us
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Among Us May 10 update patch notes: Twitch mobile streaming, Discord integration, and more

InnerSloth has a big surprise for Among Us mobile players; read the detailed patch notes to find out about the latest additions and bug fixes.

InnerSloth has recently released the latest update of Among Us on 10th May, which focuses mainly on the mobile version of the game. The update has added the exciting and much-awaited Twitch and Discord mobile integration along with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Here are the complete patch notes of Among Us latest patch update listing the latest additions and changes in detail.

Among Us 10th May Update - Patch notes

Twitch Mobile Streaming Integration

among us 10 may discordAmong Us Twitch Mobile Streaming Integration (Picture: Innersloth) 

This update allows you to start streaming Among Us on Twitch straight from your mobile device!

Discord Integration

You're now able to link your Discord account to the app (on mobile) and then share a room code invite by pressing the Discord button next to the private/public button in the room lobby!

Mobile devices and PC will also be able to easily join room invites from Discord.  From PC, you're able to send an invite via Discord as well as join an invite.

Note: You need to be a non-minor logged into a full account to access any of the buttons that allow for linking to or interacting with Twitch/Discord. And remember if you are logged into a full account, you can change the chat in Settings and/or your name in the Account tab.

Bug Fixes 

  • Crewmate sprites appearing as pink polygons on Android devices should be fixed. 
  • Skins not appearing in the Airship bundle purchased should now be there 
  • Region text no longer continually shows North America on the opening screen 
  • IOS users no longer need to sign in every time the game opens

Since the patch update is focused on mobile, players from other platforms can omit updating their game.