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Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 1: Wishlist and predictions

Apex Legends

continues to outperform its competitors on Twitch. But with the first official season itching closer, everyone is keen to know how Respawn Entertainment intend on maintaining their early momentum. Therefore, only one question is on everyone’s mind: what can we expect? Here’s our expectations as well as some personal wishes for season one.

New friends, new toys, new threads


Respawn Entertainment are following in the footsteps of Epic Games, who release a reasonably priced battle pass (purchasable with V-Bucks) that’s complete with new skins, emotes and unique opportunities to earn them. Judging by the Apex Legends roadmap, they plan to have seasons last every few months; the first kicks off in March. Right now, people are enjoying Apex Legends not just because it’s a good game, but also because of the “new toy” effect. Eventually, this effect will fade and some casual players will need reasons to stick around. There's already been criticism towards the snail-paced progression system. Recently, I was playing with a friend of mine who'd just reached level 70 and was still yet to have spiked a single Legendary tier skin or banner in her Apex Packs. Being restricted to only one Apex Pack every 3 level-ups past level 20 can and will grow tiresome. What are Respawn planning to do about this? Thanks to the roadmap, we already know that new weapons and legends are confirmed, but we can also expect a challenge levelling system similar to Fortnite’s battle pass. This gives players a set of objectives to complete which can earn them cosmetics of scaling rarity. Imagine the diversity of challenges that could be coming to Apex Legends. We’re pretty sure “Get a game winning kill with a Mozambique” could make for some hilarious results! This still doesn’t address the issue of the current progression system. It would be nice to be awarded an Apex Pack with every victory. This will make finishing first more rewarding than just a brief stint of glory. Alternatively, a milestone system could shake things up. Perhaps every ten or so levels could see players rewarded with a fixed loot Apex Pack that contains a random Legendary tier cosmetic.

Can’t touch this


Recently, some fans discovered an inconsistency with the hitboxes on certain characters. Pathfinder – the emoji loving android – has hitboxes stretching beyond his slender frame. In fact, it’s possible to shoot him between his feet and land a hit. All this is completely disregarding the big-bodied Gibraltar and Caustic, who by default are way easier to hit. Meanwhile, a character like Wraith, the smallest in the game, can easily slip under gunfire. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment have acknowledged the issue. Can we expect a fix for hitboxes soon? If they want to maintain their early momentum, then most definitely. Years after release, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was found to have a similar hitbox issue and the developers were fairly quick to respond. Let’s hope that Respawn follow suite. That said, Respawn have already expressed their desire to not make major changes to weapons, which means the Mozambique is no doubt eternally doomed to Meme Status. But what about the Legends themselves? There’s a reason Lifeline, Bangalore and Wraith are wildly accepted as the best in the game. They are each brimming with utility, sporting faster revives, smoke grenades and flanking potential. In contrast, Caustic is considered to be one of the worst. Not only is he the second largest but his gas traps can prove more confusing than beneficial to his team. In the event of a rival Caustic, the game lacks a system to determine whose traps are whose. This could easily be solved with a change of colour for enemy gas, though nerfing the top tiers can come with its own toxicity. Not much needs to be changed, but Wraith’s Into the Void ability could have its cool-down duration slightly increased while the large radius of Lifeline’s revive shield could see a trim down.

Moving on up

https://twitter.com/alexsprackling/status/1100386515119681536 Earlier this week, I created a Twitter poll asking fans what they wanted from the first season. From those that participated, 50% were in favour of new legends and weapons added to the game. This was far from an overwhelming majority but the 0% interest in new maps and game modes intrigued me. This illustrates just how polished the King’s Canyon experience already is. The in-game UI does say “X is playing Squads on King’s Canyon” which more than confirms that Respawn has plans for new maps, but they need not rush things. A focus on adding new Legends to learn combined with new toys to play with is more than enough to ensure season one is well received.