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Basic tips to become an Apex Legend

Basic tips to become an Apex Legend

If you’re one of the record shattering 25 million players trying out Respawn Entertainment’s ground-breaking Battle Royale, then there’s a chance you’re still seeking out that unforgettable first win. Even if you’ve already secured a few wins, there’s no shame in seeking advice. Apex Legends comes with a steep learning curve and only a barebones tutorial, so here’s our tips for improving.

Ping me, senpai


We’re leading off with the most obvious line of advice but one so important, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. So, you want to become an Apex Legend? Then you need to be marking everything – every weapon, point of interest and loot crate. Speak to any big-time streamer or even any causal player currently trying out the game and they will all say the same thing. The ability to mark (or “ping”) almost everything for your team to see is a genuine revolution for the Battle Royale genre. Not only will this alert your teammates to the location of particular weapons or a nearby area that you’re sure somebody just entered, but it will build rapport with those mic-less members of your team. Not everybody plays in a team and nor does everyone own a headset. We’ve all played something like Fortnite and been matched with that one lonely straggler to make up the numbers who can’t communicate. Many of us have been that guy, too. Thanks to the ping system with its Rocket League style quick comms, they can still be a key player who marks loot, shares ammo and spots a team creeping up on you. It’s also worth noting that you can even ping your inventory to request specific ammo or weapon attachments, even health kits. Gone are the days of bunny hopping on your teammate to get their attention!

There’s victory in death


Let’s go, team! Where we dropping? This is going to be so much fun. Okay, enemy spotted – I’m dead, he finished the job, too. Damn. I guess I’ll just spectate you guys as you struggle on one player down. If only there was a second chance… In Apex Legends, having the ability to resurrect a KO’ed teammate is a breath of fresh air for the genre. Like other games, on reaching zero health, you will enter a downed state where you can still open and close doors as well as use equipment like the Knockdown Shield to protect yourself. If you are finished off, however, all is not lost; you will drop your player banner, which one of your teammates can pick up. They can then carry this to a respawn beacon and bring you back from the dead. Naturally, you will be void of all your weapons and equipment, but your original place of death may still have your old goodies. What’s more, a successful resurrection happens more often than you think. The early to mid-game is a hotspot for this as most knowledgeable players will be using this time to continue looting while moving towards the circle, leaving your fallen teammate’s banner ripe for the taking.

Understand the meta


Apex Legends is barely a Fortnite old – I’ll get my coat – so the most viable weapons and strategies are still up for debate. That said, there’s no denying that certain Legends have an easier ride than others. Not only is Lifeline – the combat medic of the game – a beginner friendly character but her utility and passive abilities still hold up at a higher level. Early tier lists are showing her almost always at the top. Not only that, but she is able to heal herself and revive others faster than the rest of the cast, which can prove invaluable when starting out. This makes her a solid character to learn. It’s worth noting that her ultimate ability will drop down a care package of defensive goodies for your team and the impact from the drop will also lead to instant death. Situational at best, but use this on an unsuspecting enemy for a hilarious finisher or to flush them out of cover. While we’re on the subject of meta, be sure to keep an eye out for the Peacekeeper. There’s something about shotguns in Battle Royale games that always prove to be obnoxious. Remember when “double pumps” were a thing in Fortnite? The Peacekeeper has the power, range and a wide radius that makes headshots even easier. Definitely consider grabbing it. As a closing thought, we must stress that all characters, weapons and equipment are viable in the right hands. Additionally, learning a secondary character can help avoid clashes in the pre-selection screen. See you around King’s Canyon.