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How would these Artifact heroes look in DotA 2?

Valve has hinted before at Artifact heroes potentially showing up in DotA 2 and this begs the question: what would the heroes look like if they were ported into the game? I will be discussing three heroes which would be cool additions to DotA, and how they could be played.


Rix Artifact

Rix is a Green Hero that has relatively weak stats compared to others. He has a signature card that Silences a unit, and is equipped with “Rapid Deployment”. Silence is obviously a useful ability and is already used by many heroes in DotA 2. Having a silence in a hero’s toolkit is very impactful at all stages of the game. However, the Rapid Deployment ability would be an interesting skill in DotA. How I envision it would be a passive ability that levels up to take away W/X/Y/Z seconds from Rix’s respawn timer. This interaction would be similar to how Bloodstone charges work. It would even be a cool way to include the ability to gain/lose charges that would affect Rix’s respawn timer. This could be a strong mechanic in DotA, but compared to the other heroes Rix still seems a bit weak.

Sorla Khan

Sorla Khan Artifact

Sorla seems like a pretty strong hero. She is a black card with solid stats, and her passive Warmonger is a really cool concept. I could see Warmonger and her signature card Assault Ladders working very well in tandem. If this concept was ported into DotA it would have a scaled bonus damage when dealing damage to a tower. This would be amplified by items like Desolator due to armour reduction. As far as what Assault Ladders could look like in DotA, it could be a toggle-able aura that grants bonus damage to towers affecting allied creeps. If you factor in items like Helm of the Dominator or Necronomicon it could really help to push lanes. Overall I think Sorla is going to be a fairly strong hero in Artifact, and I would bet she could be a really strong pick in DotA.


Kanna Artifact

A 2-12 blue hero, Kanna is one of the strongest of the cards to have been revealed. This is especially true when you consider you can almost control where creeps get deployed. That mechanic alone is very strong. She is accompanied by a very strong signature card, “Prey on the Weak”, that summons a unit for each damaged unit. This signature card not only has some of my favourite Artifact artwork I have seen, but it is the strongest I have seen. This Blue hero could be used to help get board control which is pretty important in card games. As far as what Kanna would or could look like in DotA, it's not too easy to tell. Kanna could have an ability that summons creeps that are controllable by Kanna (hounds of war). These could be much like Lycan’s wolves that are summoned or Beastmaster’s boar/hawk. However, if I had the choice to design her I would treat hounds of war like Lone Druid’s summoned spirit bear. I love the concept of being able to make a strong controlled unit and seeing how people would build the Hound or Hounds. As far as her passive bringer of conquest, I would like to see something like enhancing the melee creeps in her lane. A cool concept would be adding additional armor or granting them bonus damage rather than spawning more melee creeps. Overall Kanna is the strongest hero I have seen from the revealed cards, and I would love to see her in DotA.