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Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List: All Guns Ranked From Best to Worst

Come and check out all the Battlefield 2042 weapons, ranked from best to worst!
Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List: All Guns Ranked From Best to Worst

Battlefield 2042 provides a wide and diverse plethora of weaponry for players to choose from, ranging from fully automatic rifles to sniper rifles with extensive range; the developers have you covered for your battlefield requirements. Considering the vast options of weapons every player obtains, we felt it was necessary to create a tier list, separating and showcasing the best to worst weapons in Battlefield 2042! 

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: S-Tier 

652d1fc907fb1-battlefield 2042 artwork.jpg

The S-Tier weapons are universally awesome; whether that be clearing buildings or fighting on desolate battlefields, these weapons have you covered in all fighting conditions. Despite being overused and slightly "meta," they're reliable weapons! 

  • K30
  • G428
  • L9CZ
  • PP-29
  • AK-24

These are the best weapons in Battlefield 2042, providing players with an overall rivetingly reliable experience alongside a realistic shooting experience within the combat grounds. These weapons shouldn't be underestimated or overlooked. It's often noticed these weapons have amazing presets and loadouts on YouTube for players to replicate. 

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: A-Tier 


The A-Tier weaponry within Battlefield 2042 isn't to be reckoned with, although there are a few chinks in the armor with these weapons that are stopping them from becoming S-Tier. These weapons are widely used and recommended amongst players within the community, with each weapon having more than one usage when modified. 

  • AM40
  • SWS-10
  • MP9
  • MCS-880
  • SVK
  • AC-42

Despite not being the top tier of weaponry, it's highly recommended players have some fun with these weapons and dominate the battlefields alongside them. It's unlikely players will have an unpleasant experience with any of these weapons, and most players will highly commend these weapons with them fluctuating through meta switches.

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: B-Tier 

652d302260132-battlefield 2042.jpg

The B-Tier weapons within Battlefield 2042 are somewhat reliable, although there are plenty of better options, as seen above. When using B-tier weapons, expect to experience some issues, but overall, these weapons still provide an awesome experience. It's likely these weapons aren't too "objective-driven" and are just fun to use in general.

  • M5A3
  • PBX-45
  • AC9
  • G57
  • DM7
  • RPT-31

These weapons are generally fun to experience and experiment with inside Battlefield 2042, with players often using these weapons very casually because they don't serve any major in-game advantages except being fun to use and enjoy. 

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: C-Tier 

652d31e2a2aea-battlefield 2042 new map.jpg

The C-Tier weapons are where everything begins to go downhill within Battlefield 2042, with most teammates criticizing your usage of these weapons and giving you some tough love. Fortunately, these weapons are very hit or miss, not being completely awful but serving their purposes at a very inconsistent level. 

  • LCMG
  • DXR-1
  • NTW-50
  • VCAR
  • BSV-M

Battlefield 2042 doesn't provide the most extensive marksman, sniper, or light machinegun ranges, leading to quite an underwhelming choice of selection. These weapons can get the job complete, but in very specific circumstances with little dual purpose. Anything below C-Tier requires very specific usage, with players using these weapons as intended.

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: D-Tier 

652d3300da9de-battlefield 2042 season 6.jpg

The D-Tier weapons are where things fall downhill, with these weapons struggling to be remotely useful within the battlefields. Despite the harsh realities of these weapons being slightly useless, they can somewhat serve some purpose in extremely rare circumstances, such as being found on the floor when you run out of ammo.

  • PKP-BP
  • NVK-P125
  • SUPER 500
  • PF51
  • BFP.50
  • MP28
  • M44

Pistols within Battlefield 2042 serve very little purpose, especially when the community has optimized incredibly agile and fast-paced loadouts, rendering the need for a sidearm almost useless because you die before being able to use it.

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: E-Tier 


The E-Tier category of weapons should be strictly ruled out. These weapons aren't even fun to use for meme purposes. This leads players with little utility for these weapons, alongside the desire to use them to protect themselves and their comrades. These weapons have extremely specific uses for very rare occurrences, making them useless.

  • 12M Auto
  • GVT 45-70

These weapons are known as the "tactical" firearms within Battlefield 2042. However, it's quite the contrary as these weapons often lead to downfall instead of uprise. Whether or not that was the intent of the developers, we'll never know, considering the entirety of the Tactical weapons category is known for their awful weapons. 

Battlefield 2042 All Weapons Ranked: F-Tier 


These are the real "bottom of the barrel" weapons within Battlefield 2042, although, unlike E-Tier weapons, these firearms have meme purposes, making them somewhat fun to use. If you're playing alongside a competitive team, get ready to feel their wrath, as these weapons are automatically associated with those that troll games. 

  • Ghostmaker R10
  • NVK-S22

Overall, these two weapons work wonders on the Battlefield when hitting your enemy with pristine accuracy, which is rarely the case. These weapons are to be used when looking for a laugh or challenge or unless you're simply utterly insane.