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MW3: Best SVA 545 Loadout

Fancy dominating every Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer match? We've put together the best loadout for the SVA 545.
MW3: Best SVA 545 Loadout

The SVA 545 is likely the first weapon the majority of players are going to use within Multiplayer, simply because it's the first available assault rifle after unlocking create-a-class. Despite players being forced to use the SVA 545, it's a great weapon, leading to players sticking with the weapon and wanting to learn the best loadouts. 

Modern Warfare 3: Best SVA 545 Build Loadout

655362ad296dc-SVA 545 Best Build.JPG
SVA 545 Build, courtesy to EyeQew YT (Image: Activision)

The SVA 545 above has been optimized into a killing machine, maximizing damage, handling, and recoil control, making the weapon irresistible to players.

See below for the SVA 545 loadout:

  • Muzzle: XTEN PORTED 290
  • Optic: MK. 3 REFLECTOR (optional)
  • Magazine: 45 ROUND MAGAZINE 
  • Rear Grip: CITADEL GRIP

Players will have to unfortunately rank the weapon up before being able to craft this beast of a loadout, however, that will enable players to form a greater relationship with the weapon before going all out.

We highly recommend you play Ground War with the SVA 545 to rank it up quickly, this is because you can gain tremendous amounts of XP which will lead to you being able to get your hands on these attachments.