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MW3: Changes Coming To Gaia (Groot) Skin Say Sledgehammer

The controversial Gaia skin is set to get some adjustments, say Sledgehammer, with the skin set to be temporarily disabled.
MW3: Changes Coming To Gaia (Groot) Skin Say Sledgehammer

With a huge selection of skins being constantly released in Call of Duty, it's no surprise that every now and then one crops up that causes issues in-game. In Modern Warfare 2, that was the Gaia skin, which quickly became notorious in the community for it being incredibly hard to see. 

Thanks to the Carry Forward initiative, the Gaia skin (or Groot skin, as it's been affectionately called) is also present in Modern Warfare 3, meaning this invisible skin is continuing to wreak havoc. But, thankfully, it seems some changes are on the way.

In a recent AMA, Sledgehammer Games took to Reddit to answer some questions from the community, one of which was related to the Gaia skin. The question asked: "What are you going to do about the Gaia skin and the problems it has brought forward to MW3 from MW2?"

Sledgehammer responded by confirming that changes to the skin are coming, and that the item would be temporarily disabled when the changes are implemented in a future update. "Adjustments to the Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator Skins are in the pipeline for Modern Warfare III. In a future game update, we'll disable this item until said changes can be released to all players."

At the time of writing, there's no timeline for when the skin will be disabled in game. However, players can expect the changes to occur as part of a future update.