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Modern Warfare 3: How To Disable Crossplay With PC

Bugs and glitches are just some of the reasons why console players might be looking to turn off crossplay with PC users in Modern Warfare 3. Here's what you need to know.
Modern Warfare 3: How To Disable Crossplay With PC

PC players have always had a natural advantage against those on console when it comes to Call of Duty, and in Modern Warfare 3 things are getting out of hand. Various movement mechanics have been cropping up from PC players, including one that lets players move like a snake. Needless to say, console players aren't too impressed. So, can you turn off crossplay against PC users in Modern Warfare 3?

How To Turn Off Crossplay Against PC Players In MW3

The good news is that is is possible to turn off crossplay against PC players if you're playing on console, but it will restrict you to only playing against those on the same type of system. To turn off crossplay, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Modern Warfare 3 lobby screen
  2. Press the Options button
  3. Go to Settings which is indicated by the cogwheel icon
  4. Go to Account and Network and at the very top of the list will be the crossplay feature. Turn crossplay off.

Despite console players having some additional tools to help them compete against PC players, namely aim assist, sometimes it just isn't enough. Cheats and hacks are more commonly found when matching with PC players, and certain glitches that sometimes appear make it even harder to play a regular game. By turning off crossplay, you'll be able to set foot on a more consistent, possibly even battlefield.