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Does Bad Connection Affect CoD Matchmaking?

Discover here if a bad connection will make matchmaking harder in Call of Duty.
Does Bad Connection Affect CoD Matchmaking?

Call of Duty matchmaking has been a topic of discussion for many years. Players want to know how they can connect faster and what determines their place in the matchmaking system — If bots or having a bad connection will affect their outcome. Here, we will review whether a bad connection affects matchmaking in Call of Duty multiplayer.

Does Having A Bad Connection Affect Matchmaking In MW3 and Warzone?

CoD Matchmaking
Players with a bad connection often ruins the CoD online experience. (Picture: Activision)

The answer is yes, having a bad connection does affect Call of Duty Matchmaking. Just recently, Activision made a blog post and explained how matchmaking works in Call of Duty multiplayer. This post heavily focused on the multiplayer for core CoD games, not Warzone.

One of the key paragraphs in the post stated that the matchmaking process prioritizes those with a stable connection or low ping. That means that if players have a bad connection, they will be waiting for longer because having low latency will make the game more fair for everyone.

How To Improve Matchmaking Speed With A Bad Connection

Having the lowest ping possible will get players into CoD matches faster. (Picture: Activision)

From what has been stated by Activision, the only way to actually improve matchmaking speed is by having a better connection. Activision has made it clear that those with bad ping have less priority in the matchmaking process.

That means players should use items like an ethernet cable to lower the wait time during matchmaking in Call of Duty. That is the best way to lower the matchmaking time in Call of Duty right now.