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How To Get A Nuke In Modern Warfare 3 Beta

The Tactical Nuke is back in Modern Warfare 3, and you can even get one in the beta. Here's what you need to know.
How To Get A Nuke In Modern Warfare 3 Beta

The Tactical Nuke is the be all and end all in Call of Duty. Traditionally, when deploying the nuke, players receive a ten second countdown before the nuke hits the battlefield, wiping out all players (user included) no matter what. It's a massive tactic, and therefore tends to require a lot of effort to acquire. 

With Modern Warfare 3 on the way, and the beta now live, players are wondering how to get the nuke in-game. Fortunately, plenty of streamers and pros have already managed the monumental feat. So if you want to deploy one for yourself, here's what you need to know.

How To Earn A Nuke In Modern Warfare 3 Beta

You'll need to work hard to earn a nuke during the MW3 beta. (Picture: Activision)

Getting a nuke in Modern Warfare 3 is a little harder than it was in Modern Warfare 2. This time, players need to get themselves 30 consecutive kills (Killstreak) before the option to deploy the MGB (Mass Guided Bombs) becomes available. 

Once you've secured the 30 Killstreak, hit your assigned key/button to quickly deploy the nuke. This time, you won't see a countdown for when the nuke hits, but you'll know when it's coming. The sky will turn brighter, and a number of bombs will begin dropping across the map before your whole screen turns white.

Want to see it in action? Check out Scump's first nuke during the Modern Warfare 3 beta:

How Many Kills Do You Need For A Nuke In MW3 Beta?

During the MW3 beta, players will need to hit 30 consecutive kills in order to unlock the nuke. This is more than the consective kill count needed in MW2, which was 25. Naturally, this makes a nuke much harder to achieve but not impossible, as evident by the number of streamers who have managed to secure the Killstreak.