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MW3 Zombies: All Portal Locations And Codes

MW3 Zombie portals will teleport you around the map. Come find out how to use them.
MW3 Zombies: All Portal Locations And Codes

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has more to offer than meets the eye; players have found ways to teleport around the undead map of Urzikstan through portals, however, these portals require specific codes to use. We're going to share where to find the teleporters, alongside how to use them.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: All Portal Locations 

655bbd49843d4-Portal Locations MW3 Zombies.JPG
Image: Activision

Before detailing how to use the portals, we must mention where players can find them. They're spread across the map in unique locations. See the image above for the portal locations which are highlighted with red marks:

  1. Inside the Train Tunnels, head north inside the tunnels (north point on the map)
  2. Small Shed on the side of the road (east point on the map)
  3. Southeast island; visit the western building (southeastern point on the map)
  4. Fitness center to the south, in the shower area (south point on the map)
  5. Large hotel, fourth floor, room right of the staircase (west point on the map)

After visiting either of these locations, you will need the code to unlock the ability to teleport. The codes have three symbols you can put into the portal by shooting them. Make sure to place them into the right order to program the portal correctly. Keep in mind it will cost players 1000 points to teleport. 

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: All Portal Codes

Image: Activision

Using these codes (pictured) you will be able to teleport around the map to different locations, from codes 1 (top) to 5 (bottom) this is where you'll be taken:

  1. Shahin's Manor underground vault
  2. Northeast Coast of Map
  3. Stadium on the north side of Zaravan City
  4. Underground Bunker Northwest of Popov Power Plant 
  5. Popov Power Plant

Once the portal has been set to one of the codes seen above, all players who use that specific portal will be sent to these areas. Players can re-use the same portal numerous times across a single match. Finally, any portal can take any of the codes seen above, they aren't programmed into one specific portal.