Call of Duty: World War II
Call of Duty: World War II

Call of Duty rostermania: who’s gone where?

Call of Duty rostermania: who’s gone where?
The opening stage of the CWL Global Pro League has concluded, with FaZe Clan defeating OpTic Gaming in one of the most competitive matches in the history of the esport. The end of the stage has also sparked several roster changes amongst some of the top teams. Let’s take a look at the notable changes.

North America

Regarded as one of the top Assault Rifle players on World War 2, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni has been benched after a shock top eight finish for Rise Nation at the Stage One playoffs. Replacing him is former Team Envy superstar and 2016 world champion, Austin “Slasher” Liddicoat. Tipped by many as the best AR player on the game, the addition of Slasher to the team will bring plenty of slaying power to the table, along with a wealth of in-game leadership.

[caption id="attachment_103326" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Methodz Anthony "Methodz" Zinni[/caption] Back to back champions Team Kaliber are also making a surprise change after a fourth-place finish at the playoffs. Martin “Chino” and Dylan “Theory” McGee have been replaced by former Reckless player Maurice “Fero” Henriquez and ex-Rise Nation star, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni. The addition of Methodz quashes the rumour that he was set to join Team Envy, leaving the boys in blue still looking for a player. The ex-eRa Eternity team impressed with a top six placing at CWL Birmingham but this wasn’t enough to keep the team together. Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic has revealed that he is now a free agent heading into the second stage of the Pro League which begins in March. As Ricky “Ricky” Stacy and and Jacob “Decemate” Cato are the remaining players, they will be looking for two to complete their roster to compete in Stage Two of the Pro League. Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler announced that he had been placed into restricted free agency, leaving Evil Geniuses looking for a player ahead of Stage One Relegation. It is yet to be seen which team will acquire Nameless and with time ticking before rosters begin to lock on the 14th of March, it will be interesting to see which team will acquire the services of Nameless, a very talented player with several years’ worth of experience competing at the highest level of Call of Duty. [caption id="attachment_103327" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Nameless Anthony "Nameless" Wheeler[/caption] Another team which has decided to make a change is Complexity. The team were defeated by Lightning Pandas in controversial fashion at CWL Birmingham, laying the foundations for the split. All four of their players are still under contract but are allowed to look for other opportunities, should they arise.


In comparison to North America, the amount of roster changes have been few and far between in Europe. Just one change has occurred in the form of Tom “Moose” Handley being released from a Unilad team that could have achieved a lot more during Stage One. It has been rumoured that GGEA Purple player, Alex “Alexx” Carpenter will be Moose’s replacement ahead of CWL Seattle.

[caption id="attachment_103325" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Marky B Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland[/caption] Alongside Moose, Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland has been linked with a move to the French team of Vitality after a disappointing performance during Stage One of the Pro League. The move will see Wailers “Wailers” Locart and Eddy “Malls” Maillard remain with the team as the Anglo-French side will compete in the upcoming Relegation tournament.

The rumour mill

With several teams still in the process of making a change, here are some of the latest rumours that have yet to come to fruition:Team Envy may be looking for more players as Donny “Temp” Laroda has been linked with a move to the struggling Echo Fox team. He is set to replace Adam “Assault” Garcia who looks to be heading to Evil Geniuses.After a turbulent few months, it looks like that eUnited may be making a roster change, with Justin “Silly” Fargo-Palmer leaving the team in place of former Complexity player, Tyler “Felony” Johnson. A player who impressed while substituting for Splyce in Stage One.With the roster lock deadline closing in, it is now becoming a race against time for teams to complete their rosters ahead of Stage One Relegation and CWL Seattle.