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CS:GO Caster Moses AMA Highlights

RoomOnFire commentator Jason "Moses" O'toole took to the Counter-Strike: Global offensive subreddit today to conduct an 'Ask me Anything' (AMA) with fans of the scene. Questions ranged from the map pool, tournament schedule, recent news, and even Moses's career as a player. One of the hot topics right now is Optic Gaming and their hunt for a fifth player, as well as potentially a new coach after the departure of Peter "Stanislaw" Jarguz and Luis "Peacemaker" Tadeu. Reddit user "iplaywowlul" asked: Were you hoping the rush and mixwell rumour would come true for liquid? And since that won't happen, who would be your pick as optics 5th? "I was hoping it would go through, i think a lineup of stan/elige/nitro/mixwell/rush has a lot of strengths and could be as close to a "superteam" as we've had since Hiko tried to join up with the now-banned players" he said, "If i could go back in time and convince stan [Stanislaw] to stay I probably would. I would have liked to have seen if that team could bounce back from getting knocked out in major groups, and seen how high their peak could be." The topic also filtered down into a discussion regarding in-game leaders (IGL) in North America, as Stanislaw had been the IGL for Optic Gaming. A topic Moses apparently feels quite strongly about. "At this point I don't even give a s*** about tactical in game leaders, it just seems there's no leaders at all." He said, "Really this is an issue not with the pro scene, but the semi-pro/amateur players and teams in NA" Before linking the lack of strong IGL's in North America to the lack of players trying to form their own teams and grind up the ranks. "There are three teams with one win in NA Pro League, and two teams with three wins. It's not some unobtainable goal to be better than those five lineups. Frankly, in reality it shouldn't even be that difficult. I have to assume players and teams at lower levels are just afraid of the grind up to the MDL division, which is just embarrassing." User "Kannokki" brought up the subject of North America importing players from other regions, asking "How do you feel about NA teams importing players from EU/Asia, Is it something you want to see more of?" "It's cool I guess. But really, none of the best players from EU have any desire to come over here. Why would they? Our scene is disorganized and unprofessional compared to theirs" He said, "Outside of the EU superstars, there isn't a single player in Europe whose skill cannot be matched by an NA player. The only way I see that happening is if the EU player is an IGL" Moses also had interesting thoughts about the current map pool. The competitive rotation changed recently when the ever present Dust2 was removed, and replaced with the re-made Inferno. Moses however believes that more rotation could make things more interesting. "I had this crazy idea that I've only really talked with other talent about but I think it'd be cool if, to keep things fresh Valve would change the maps on like a 6 month rotation." he said, "Not completely change the maps, but just reshuffle how bombsites are laid out or create new obstacles in the sites while leaving the skeleton of the map untouched. Could be a refreshing way to see some new site takes and executes as well as introduce new situations to players and viewers." He also let us know that Cache is his favourite map in the pool at the moment. "I wish cache was getting more playtime, think it's a very unique map that lends itself to both tactical and loose/skill based teams. Maybe that's why many teams avoid it? It's a dangerous map for all playstyles. I'm not sure.", however also still pulling for some old classics to return. "Still crossing my fingers that one day we will get a cpl_mill/tuscan map brought back in. Was one of my favorites for competitive play back in the day." The thread also touched on the recent news of Faceit's ECS League joining the ESL Pro League on Youtube rather than Twitch, which prompted 'zhermann' to ask about Moses's thoughts regarding the future of the Youtube "Certainly the community that exists already on Twitch is their biggest strength over YT at the moment. The chat in YT streams is nothing like twitch's and viewers notice that. As ridiculous as it is, spamming kappa's and 1g and vac with hundreds of others does make some viewers feel part of the community. But that's an area that YT can catch up to quickly I think." he said,  "their biggest issue is that their platform for livestreaming esports is weak considering the amount of traffic that site gets. When that gets optimized then the battle truly begins." But this is a Moses AMA after all, and the 'Bald Eagle' was once a player himself, so when 'Ghoztface' asked: "Best player you ever played with and against?", the thread took a trip back in time. "With? I think the easy answer is fRoD just because of how good his AWP actually was. The guy was super reliable in at least getting one kill, usually 3 or 4 :) But because you could rely on that it was how you could use him tactically that was so impactful. We used to put him in the middle of maps and just have him post up, cause some action on one side of the map and he would pick off a rotater and so easily we were playing 5v4. Add in his playmaking ability in sticky situations and his ability to clutch and you have easily one of the greatest AWPers of all time." "Playing against Volcano was always a pain in the a** for me. He was so f****** good, probably still is to be honest. Volcano was the guy that didn't ever like, surprise you or catch you off guard. You pretty much knew where he was going to be or how he was going to react yet he would just win the fight, and then the followup. Somehow he was always a step ahead but in a way that made you feel like you had him beat." And for some instant highlights... Top 5 favourite players? Device, NEO, NiKo, Taco, Xyp9x (here for reasons) Is that bald lifestyle a choice? "I was going to get there eventually, but I probably started shaving my head 1-2 years before I actually "needed" to" Working with Thorin? "It's great. I love it. It's also challenging. He's extremely intelligent and has a wealth of knowledge on so many different topics. I love talking CS with him because a lot of our opinions are different but we find common ground in certain areas." And of course, his thoughts on pies (thanks Anders) "i'm off the pies, anders" check out the thread with more answers and discussion here Image Credit: Dreamhack/Adela Sznajder