CS:GO: The Top Five AWP Skins

Look good while you snipe!
CS:GO: The Top Five AWP Skins

Love it or hate it, the AWP has been an integral part of Counter-Strike since forever. As the only weapon able to kill an opponent with a single bullet, headshots notwithstanding, its power is obvious and always has been. Its nickname, on the other hand, The Big Green Gun, doesn’t really apply any more. The AWP has a ton of skins, catering to pretty much all tastes (Contrary to the M4A4 skins). Getting good with the AWP takes a long time. We can’t teach you hit those split second pixel shots, nor can we teach you to hit the reaction flicks. We can teach you how to look good while you’re missing them, though.

Five – Elite Build

Elite Build AWP Skin

We’re starting subtle with this list. The Elite Build is part of a collection of budget skins, alongside the AK-47 you see in every single matchmaking game and a P90 skin you might see just as often, depending on your rank. They’re all simple, and they all look pretty good. Orange details and writing just look cool on black and grey. As an added bonus, the colour scheme matches up perfectly with a Stattrak counter. For as little as £3, you really can’t go wrong here.

Four – Phobos


The allusions to Doom here are no accident. The entire design screams 90’s FPS and it works. The whole weapon looks like it could have been crafted from Doom textures and there is a lot of fine detail to take in. Even the scope looks cool, which is a nice touch when so many other AWP skins ignore this part of the model entirely.

Three – BOOM


Alright, enough subtlety. Time for some bright orange. This skin definitely stands out among the dark palette of most other AWPS. I didn’t even notice the comic pattern printed on the weapon until someone pointed it out to me, but it explains the name. It doesn’t really matter, though, because you probably only want this skin because, like me, you like bright orange. Just make sure you can actually handle the gun if you’re going to buy this beast – people are going to notice you.

Two – Oni Taiji

Oni Taiji

This Japanese-inspired skin is a bit of an odd one. It’s a very detailed skin, which can appear a bit messy at first glance. That also means that lower wears look absolutely hideous as the minute details become harder and harder to make out the closer you get to Battle Scarred. At Factory New, this skin is gorgeous, but as the newest addition to the AWP catalogue, the Oni Taiji is still quite pricy. Still, if you can afford to get this in least Minimal Wear or above (but can’t afford the next entry on the list), this is definitely a beautiful skin to consider.

One – Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore AWP

It had to be, right? The most expensive skin in the game due to its rarity, it doesn’t look half bad. Starting at about £750 for the absolute highest wear, this legendary skin can only be found in Cobblestone cases. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Except those cases only drop during Majors and this is the rarest skin within said case. Still, this list is about the prettiest skins, not the most expensive and the Dragon Lore definitely qualifies. The colour scheme is a little garish, but it works, and the stylised dragon (inspired by a texture on Cobblestone itself) is lovely. Chances are you will never see one of these in your games, let alone your inventory, but if you have more money than sense, this is the ultimate way to show it off in Counter-Strike.