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EnvyUs Lose PGL Major Qualifier Spot

The French shuffle may have done wonders for G2 Esports but EnvyUs are now feeling the consequences. The team has lost their position in the PGL major offline qualifier, and will have to re-qualify through the minor system if they want to fight for a spot in the tournament. The reason behind the removal was because the team failed to retain three of their lineup from the ELeague major. Kenny "KennyS" Schrub, Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, and Dan "Apex" Madesclaire all transferred to G2 Esports during the recent shuffle. Those three and their teammates over at G2 Esports will claim the Team EnvyUs spot as they have the three EnvyUs players from Atlanta. The offline qualifier kicks off on June 29.

The open spot will remain in Europe, and could open up the chances of an underdog making a move, as the European minor will now reward three spots at the offline qualifier, rather than two.

The minors will take place throughout June for all regions, with the European tournament starting on June 15. With teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, EnvyUs, Heroic, and the new look Dignitas competing, it's sure to be one of the most competitive we've ever seen. It has not yet been announced which teams have been invited to the minor, and which will have to battle through the online qualifiers.