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G2 Esports Wins The CS:GO ECS Season 1 Finals

And so the first season of the CS:GO ECS - or Esports Championship Series - has come to an end, and we couldn't have been much more wrong with our predictions. G2 Esports were the overall victor of the finals, dominating in both the group stage and the knockout phase to win the $250,000. The group stages themselves were pretty interesting. As expected, Luminosity retained its form to lead the Group A competition with G2 Esports coming in behind with 2-1. It was a toss up between Ninjas In Pyjamas and G2 Esports prior to the finals, but the confident team we'd been watching in the weeks and months earlier simply did not show and NiP failed to secure any wins. Group B was a little more surprising. Previous Europeans kings of CS:GO Astralis failed to claim any victories, losing out to Team SoloMid and being confidently beaten by Cloud9. That was a Cloud9 who still failed to secure a place in the knockout stages, another surprising shift as both TSM and Fnatic regained their form to come out on top of the group. Neither could make it much further in the knockout stages, however. Luminosity Gaming had no issues against TSM, a 16-3 first round followed by a closer game going again to LG with 16-14. G2 Esports looked even more confident in its game against Fnatic, winning the first round 16-2 and its second 16-13. Fnatic was determined in its second game, but simply couldn't come up against an aggressive G2 Esports. The final were a safe win for LG, who had been confidently batting away opponents throughout the ECS competition. But that never happened: G2 Esports turned up to the game with a whole new level to its roster, the sort of unstoppable determination rarely witnessed in any competition. G2 went on to win both rounds with great success, 16-11 then 16-5. That alone should be impressive, but to consider it was against a team that had - up until that point - managed to win every single game in the tournament without even losing a single game is even more incredible. The first game was a back and forth, with G2 Esports leading by only a single round at any one point before taking the lead and dominating for the final 5 rounds. The second game was a different story, with G2 taking the first 7 rounds and putting them in the driving seat. Despite clawing back a couple of rounds, LG simply couldn't keep up with the advantage G2 had earned, and it was a clear victory from the start. So congratulations G2 Esports, your victory was well deserved.

CS:GO ECS Finals Game 1 - Luminosity Gaming versus G2 Esports

CS:GO ECS Finals Game 2 - Luminosity Gaming versus G2 Esports