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Talent lineup for the FACEIT London Major announced

FACEIT has revealed CS:GO talent lineup set to narrate the FACEIT London Major this September. The full list of talent includes some of the biggest names in CS:GO, who will offer play-by-play commentary and expert analysis as the best CS:GO teams in the world battle it out to become this year’s Major Champions. The FACEIT London Major kicks off on 5th September with the Challengers Stage at Twickenham Stadium. The Challengers Stage follows on from the record-breaking FACEIT London Minors, which saw unprecedented viewing figures, with average viewers and hours watched more than triple that of the last two Minors in the west. The Major is set to take place throughout September, starting with the New Legends stage 12-16th September in Twickenham Stadium, and the sold-out Champions stage taking place at the legendary SSE Arena in Wembley from 20-23rd September. FACEIT is pleased to reveal the lineup of talent who will deliver the entire tournament to spectators and viewers around the globe. The lineup will work as a rotating cast of talent who will alternate throughout the Major. The talent is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=39&v=QhXjAPeA3o8 Host: Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson Stage host: Freya Spiers Interviewers: Pala Gilroy Sen Freya Spiers Commentators: Daniel ‘DDK’ Kapadia James Bardolph Anders Blume Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett Analysts: Bjorn ‘THREAT’ Pers Sean ‘sgares’ Gares Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill Damian ‘daps’ Steele Jacob ‘Pimp’ Winneche Observers: Connor ‘Sliggy’ Blomfield Jamie ‘Keita’ Hall For more information on the FACEIT London Major, visit www.faceitmajor.com or follow FACEIT on Twitter.