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How to Get Festive Salmon In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here is how to catch the Festive Salmon for the 'All Fish Are Festive' Disney Dreamlight Valley quest this holiday season.
How to Get Festive Salmon In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting festive this year by introducing a few new Festive Fish, each representing a normal fish in the game with a little winter twist. Catching all of the Festive Fish allows players to complete the 'Even Fish Are Festive' quest, which will reward them with an exclusive cosmetic.

If you want to get in on the winter fun in Disney Dreamlight Valley and catch all of the Festive Fish, you'll need to capture the Festive Salmon. While it can be challenging to find this fish, don't fret - here's our guide to catching it so you can earn your reward this holiday season.

How To Get Festive Salmon In Disney Dreamlight Valley

festive salmon disney dreamlight valley
The Festive Salmon can be found by looking for green and red bubbles in a fishing spot in Sunlit Plateau. (Picture: Disney)

Each of the Festive Fish can only be found in one specific region in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For the Festive Salmon, you'll need to head to the Sunlit Plateau. If you haven't yet unlocked this area, you will need to do so; there is no way to get the fish without unlocking Sunlit Plateau.

Once you get to  Sunlit Plateau, start looking around at fishing spots in the area. You'll likely see some with the typical blue-colored bubbles, but you can ignore them for now. The Festive Salmon's location is denoted by green and red bubbles, colored to celebrate the holiday season.

Once you see the green and red bubbles, simply toss your Fishing Rod in the water and catch the Festive Salmon. You catch this rare fish the same way you catch any other fish, despite its unique appearance.

Once you catch the Festive Salmon, you are one step closer to completing the 'Even Fish Are Festive' quest and earning your limited-time reward. Congratulations!

Rewards For Catching Festive Salmon In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the 'Even Fish Are Festive' quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to catch several holiday-themed fish, including the Festive Salmon.

Once all of those fish are caught, players will receive a holiday cosmetic called the Santa Hat. The Santa Hat is a limited-edition cosmetic that can only be earned by completing this quest.

That's all you need to know about how to get the Festive Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Be sure to catch this fish, along with the other Festive Fish in the game, before the event ends so you can get the Santa Hat cosmetic for yourself!