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How To Make The Ratatouille Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Prepare a delicious meal with our guide on how to make use of the ratatouille recipe in Disney Dreamlight valley.
How To Make The Ratatouille Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players can cook various delicious meals when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, and with the wide array of recipes available, there's one that might sit in a special place for fans of the Disney film Ratatouille. The meal you'll need to cook for Remy is the delicious ratatouille from the film, and if you're interested in knowing how then this guide is for you.

We will walk you through all the steps you need to follow to cook the ratatouille for Remy, listing the ingredients you'll need, and of course where to find them. So let's get cooking.  

How To Make The Ratatouille Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Towards the end of Remy's "An Important Night at the Restaurant" quest, you'll need to cook the ratatouille dish, which upon completion grants you its recipe and unlocks his restaurant back in the valley. Along with this, you'll also unlock the recipe to create a delicious ratatouille whenever you're feeling the craving for a delicious meal.

How To Make The Ratatouille Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley part of Remy's quest
You'll need to cook a ratatouille as part of Remy's main questline. (Picture: Disney)

For most of Remy's quests, he'll give you the ingredients upfront to use when creating the required meals, but the ratatouille is a bit different, and it's what makes this a somewhat tricky part of his quest to complete. Because Remy doesn't provide you with any of the ingredients you need to create the dish, you're left to discover them on your own, but luckily we have you covered below. 

Here are the ingredients you'll need to grab when preparing the ratatouille for Remy: 

  • x1 Basil or Oregano - Found scattered throughout the Peaceful meadows and the Plaza respectfully. 

  • x1 Onion - Found deep within the Forest of Valor. 

  • x1 Zucchini - Found in the Sunlit Plateau.

  • x1 Eggplant - found in the Frosted Heights. 

  • x1 Tomato - Tomato Seed can be found on Dazzle Beach and planted wherever you wish to harvest them.

Most of these ingredients can also be purchased easily from any of Goofy's stalls across Dreamlight Valley. After getting them all, you'll have to use a cooking pot to start cooking the ratatouille. Luckily, this is the easy part, as all you need to do is throw all these ingredients into a pot. Then you'll have created the ratatouille, ending with Remy congratulating you for making one of his favorite meals. 

How To Make The Ratatouille Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley once complete you can cook the meal whenever
Once you've completed the initial recipe, you can cook a ratatouille whenever you like. (Picture: YouTube / Gamers Heroes)

And that's everything you need to know to create the ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Gamers Heroes.