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How To Find Orange Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's our guide on how to find the Orange Nasturtium flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Find Orange Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Flowers have various uses in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from being beautiful decorations for your home to being tradeable with other characters to increase your friendship levels. If you're looking to find the Orange Nasturtium, one of the many flowers in the game, then this guide has you covered. 

Below we'll be walking you through how to find the Orange Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And give you some useful tips on what the flower can be used for in the game.

How To Find Orange Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding the orange nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be slightly tricky as you'll need to acquire quite a bit of Dreamlight to Access it. The flower is found in the darkest area in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Forgotten Lands. 

To get to this area, you'll need to first unlock the Sunlit Plataue, which costs exactly 7,000 Dreamlight. Then you'll need an extra 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Forgotten Lands past that, so in total, you'll need 22,000 Dreamlight to access the area that spawns the orange nasturtium flowers. 

How To Find Red Nasturtiums In Disney Dreamlight Valley Location Forgotten Lands
Orange Nasturtiums can only be found in the Forgotten Lands. (Picture: YouTube / theDavz)

Once you're in the Forgotten Lands, you'll be able to spot the orange nasturtium by looking out for a bunch of small orange flowers growing very low on the ground. They can be hard to spot since they grow so low, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you travel through the area. 

The orange nasturtium can also be fairly tricky to find and in some cases, won't have spawned at all. So Just keep picking all the flowers in the area to make room for them to spawn, and make sure that they are orange in color as you can easily mistake them for the orange ones. 

What Are Orange Nasturtium Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

As with most flowers in the game, the orange nasturtium is used for decorating your home with flower plants to create some awesome arrangements and bring some color to your living areas. But they can also be sold at Goofy's stall for 60 Star Coins if you're in a pinch. You can also give them as a gift to specific characters, which will allow you to level up your friendship with them. 

What Are Orange Nasturtium Used For trading, star coins and decoartions
Orange Nasturtium can be traded with friends, used for decoration, and sold for Star Coins.

This is arguably the most useful thing to use flowers for in the game since upgrading your friendship levels with certain characters will give you boosts when they help you with specific tasks around the valley. So when you level up your friendship with Wall-E, his gardening skill will increase, and when you take him gardening with you, you'll get some extra crops and rewards when doing so.