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Dead by Daylight 2v8 Mode Stream Coming 16 July

Dead by Daylight will reveal more info about its 2v8 gameplay mode next week.
Dead by Daylight 2v8 Mode Stream Coming 16 July
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A livestream giving more details on Dead by Daylight's 2v8 mode is coming on 16 July, the DBD team announced on X/Twitter. 16 July is a pretty huge day for the game, given that it's also the release date for the Lara Croft chapter and collection, as well as the new Mythic collection. 

The livestream will likely feature more sneak peeks at 2v8 gameplay, as well as answer players' questions about the details of how the new mode works. Players got their first sneak peek at 2v8 gameplay last month; you can check it out for yourself just below:

The video didn't specify a release date, leaving players to speculate on when the mode would come out, as well as how long it would last. Some speculated it could be a permanent game mode, while others wondered if it'd be several months before they could take part. 

However, Dead by Daylight just recently announced the 2v8 mode's release date in the game's July roadmap - it'll be available from 25 July 'til 8 August (two weeks), just a couple of weeks after the release of the Lara Croft chapter. The mode will pit 2 killers up against 8 survivors, switching up the usual gameplay flow. Only certain killers will be available in the mode.

dead by daylight july roadmap
Dead by Daylight's July roadmap unveiled lots of new info, including a release date for the 2v8 mode. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has experimented with various game modes recently, such as Lights Out, My Little Oni, Chaos Shuffle, and the Twisted Masquerade event mode. Like other previous modes, 2v8 will have its own queue, giving players the option to play the new mode or take place in the usual 1v4 trials.

It also seems likely that some type of reward for taking part in the game mode will be available; most other past event modes, like Chaos Shuffle, Twisted Masquerade, and Lights Out, all featured their own event tome and limited-time rewards.

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