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Dead By Daylight Ash Vs Evil Dead Chapter Review: Is Ash Williams Worth Buying

Is the Ash Williams DLC worth it as a standalone Dead by Daylight survivor?
Dead By Daylight Ash Vs Evil Dead Chapter Review: Is Ash Williams Worth Buying
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has an ever-growing list of licensed killers and survivors in its roster, with most survivors joining the Fog with a matching killer. That wasn't the case for Ash Williams from Evil Dead, who joined Dead by Daylight entirely on his own in the Ash vs Evil Dead chapter.

Here's our review of Ash vs Evil Dead chapter in Dead by Daylight as of 2023, and whether it's still worth buying.

Dead By Daylight Ash Vs Evil Dead Chapter Review

As we mentioned, the Ash vs Evil Dead Dead by Daylight chapter comes with just one character: Ash Williams. As a survivor, he doesn't come with his own ability, instead only bringing with him three perks into the Fog. Those perks include:

  • Flip-Flop allows you to gain 50% of your Recovery progression to Wiggle progression, up to 50%. This is definitely a niche perk, and is mostly useful only in builds that focus on countering slugging with a SWF.
  • Buckle Up lets you see the Aura of the killer when healing a downed survivor; they'll also be able to see the killer's aura. Once you've completed the heal, you'll get the Endurance status effect for 10 seconds. This is helpful when trying to help teammates get out of sticky situations, but is far from one of the game's best perks for survivors.
  • Mettle of Man is Ash's most infamous perk and has the most complex description. After taking three Protection Hits, you'll be able to avoid one hit that would have downed you. However, you'll also have your Aura revealed to the killer when you're further than 16 meters from them after you fully heal up. This can definitely help you survive some of the most challenging encounters with the killer, but can also backfire horribly, making this perk very nichely used yet well-known.
ash vs evil dead
Ash Williams has the well-known Mettle of Man perk. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Ash Vs Evil Dead Chapter Review Verdict

While Ash Williams is accurate to his source and has a couple of unique perks that some players will absolutely love, this single-character licensed chapter definitely isn't for everyone. The Ash vs Evil Dead chapter is worth it for dedicated fans of Evil Dead who want to play Ash Williams, but may not be a great buy for those who would rather just wait to grab those perks from the Shrine.

Review Score: 7/10


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