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Dead By Daylight Teases New “Chaos Shuffle” Modifier

Dead by Daylight teased a new Chaos Shuffle game mode. Here's what we know so far.
Dead By Daylight Teases New “Chaos Shuffle” Modifier
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has been no stranger to new game modes as of recent, with the new Lights Out Mode and April Fool’s “My Little Oni” mode temporarily switching up gameplay for any players who want to join in. It seems that the next new game mode to join DBD’s roster will be known as “Chaos Shuffle,” as developers teased on social media. 

chaos shuffle
Chaos Shuffle is the next DBD game mode. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The image depicts a perk icon with a large question mark inside; this looks a lot like the random perk icons that appear when completing a random perk challenge in the Tome. Therefore, it seems pretty likely that the Chaos Shuffle modifier will be a random perk game mode. However, it’s unclear whether the modifier will have any other changes to gameplay, or whether the random perks will apply to both killers and survivors.

The Chaos Shuffle mode could even force killers to select a random killer instead of one of their choice.

As we mentioned, DBD has included opportunities for players to try out playing with random perks before through Tome challenges, but players have otherwise had to stick to fan-made perk randomizers to choose a random loadout. The feature remains a highly-requested one, meaning that the new Chaos Shuffle modifier might just fulfill one of fans’ biggest DBD wants if it really does turn out to be a randomizer mode

For now, developers say that fans can “stay tuned for more details,” but didn’t provide an exact release date or any further information about the mode. It seems likely it’ll come out in the next few weeks, so we’ll keep you updated!

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