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How To Get Complete The Evolution Achievement In Dead by Daylight

Wondering how to get the Complete The Evolution achievement for The Singularity in Dead By Daylight? Here's your guide.
How To Get Complete The Evolution Achievement In Dead by Daylight

When The Singularity was added to Dead by Daylight for the game's 28th chapter and 7th anniversary celebration, also joining the game with it were an array of achievements. Players can not only get Adept Singularity, but a couple of other achievements while playing as this new killer. If you're trying to 100% the game, you'll definitely want to get your hands on all of them. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to earn the Complete The Evolution achievement for The Singularity in Dead by Daylight.

How To Complete The Evolution Achievement In Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight singularity
Playing The Singularity, you can only inflict the Hindered status effect using a perk. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Here's what the Complete The Evolution achievement for The Singularity is in Dead by Daylight:

  • Complete the Evolution - In public matches, with The Singularity, injure or down 3 Survivors who are Hindered.

To get this achievement, you'll need to play The Singularity, the newest killer from Chapter 28: End Transmission. Then, you'll need to inflict survivors with the Hindered status effect. There's only one way to do that: using The Singularity's own perk, Forced Hesitation.

Here's the perk description for Forced Hesitation: "Whenever a Survivor is put into the Dying State by any means, all other Survivors within 16 metres of them suffer from a -20 % Hindered Status Effect for 10 seconds. Forced Hesitation has a cool-down of 40/35/30 seconds."

To get this perk to activate, as you can see, you'll need to down a survivor in close proximity to another survivor. Bring along the perk, and do your best to push survivors into situations whether they're close to one another - groups who try to body-block are perfect for this - so you can down one survivor and apply Forced Hesitation to another one nearby.

Earning progress toward the achievement won't be viable in every single match, since you can't always depend on survivors to stay close to one another, but if you keep up this strategy, you'll eventually inflict enough survivors with the Hindered status effect to earn yourself the Complete The Evolution achievement.

Because you'll need to run all three of The Singularity's perks to get the Adept Singularity achievement, including Forced Hesitation, it might be a good idea to work toward both of these achievements at once. It might take a few tries - and a few matches, considering you'll need to down 3 survivors who are inflicted with the status effect - but it's very possible with some determination. Good luck!

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