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Dead By Daylight: How To Find Genmats During Meet Your Maker Event

Here's how to interact with Genmats and obtain charm rewards during the Dead By Daylight X Meet Your Maker crossover event.
Dead By Daylight: How To Find Genmats During Meet Your Maker Event

Behaviour Interactive's new game Meet Your Maker has crossed over with their iconic title Dead by Daylight for a new in-game event, allowing both survivors and killers to interact with Genmats for special rewards - including cosmetics and charms - in Dead by Daylight.

If you're wondering how the Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker event works, read on. We'll explain where to find Genmats on the map, how to interact with them, and what rewards you can obtain during this crossover event.

How To Find Genmats In Dead By Daylight

genmat dead by daylight
Genmats can be easily identified by their bright red glow. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

If you spot a Genmat in a match, you might be wondering what exactly to do. Whether you're a survivor or a killer, the process is the same.

Finding and interacting with Genmats in Dead by Daylight is relatively easy. First, spawn into any trial and wait for the sound cue that indicates that the Genmat has spawned in. You'll hear a high-pitched sound cue that doesn't sound like any of the other noises you might be familiar with in the game, so you should be able to quickly identify that a Genmat has spawned. 

Next, look for the Genmat. Genmats are huge, glowing machines; if you're near one, you can't miss it. Just touch it to interact with it, and you'll then hear another new sound cue before becoming covered in a sparkle effect for the rest of the match.

To obtain the rewards for interacting with the Genmat, you'll need to survive the match. If you successfully escape, you'll see a pop-up score event in the corner of your screen that reads "Charm Obtained."

Dead By Daylight X Meet Your Maker Charm Rewards

meet your maker dead by daylight shirts
A series of Meet Your Maker shirts have been found in Dead by Daylight's code. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

By interacting with Genmats, players can collect a series of three charm rewards. Each of those three charms showcases a Meet Your Maker character. To collect each charm, you'll need to interact with a Genmat and escape once.

A series of Meet Your Maker shirts have also been leaked, though it's unknown as to whether those shirts will serve as rewards for the Meet Your Maker event or might be purchasable after the event.

That's it for the Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker event and how it works; you'll need to seek out Genmats around the map and interact with them to earn charms and other cosmetic rewards. Good luck in the fog!