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Dead By Daylight Hellraiser Chapter Review: Is The Cenobite Worth Buying

Dead by Daylight's Hellraiser chapter brought Pinhead, also known as The Cenobite, into the Fog.
Dead By Daylight Hellraiser Chapter Review: Is The Cenobite Worth Buying
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Hellraiser chapter introduced Pinhead, who can use his Chains to slow down survivors and take control over the match using his Lament Configuration. With The Cenobite's wide array of powers, the Hellraiser chapter includes one of Dead by Daylight's most complex killers. Here's our take on Dead by Daylight's Hellraiser chapter, and whether Pinhead, also known as The Cenobite, is still worth it in 2023.

Dead By Daylight Hellraiser Chapter Review

As we mentioned, The Cenobite's power is one of the game's most complex, with lots of factors to consider at any given moment. You've got your Lament Configuration, which survivors must solve to prevent a Chain Hunt and counter Pinhead. While they're solving it, you have the option to teleport to them. But if you find it first, you'll immediately initiate one of those Chain Hunts they're trying to avoid.

Aside from that, you can use your Chains to hinder survivors during chase, slowing them down and making Pinhead a pretty good anti-loop killer. Those manually-aimed chains can be pretty hard to hit due to their rapid speed, though, giving The Cenobite quite a high skill ceiling. He's a good pick for experts who are willing to put in the time to get the aim down, but might not be the best for beginners.

pinhead dead by daylight
The Cenobite can use his chains to hinder survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In terms of perks, The Cenobite's loadout is only slightly above average but definitely has its uses. Deadlock is his best perk, blocking the generator with the most progress at key moments in the match. Hex: Plaything makes it harder for survivors to identify your location and the locations of objectives, and also encourages them to waste time cleansing Hexes, helping you gain slowdown. Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain is arguably his least interesting perk, causing survivors to be harder to heal and bleed more after being unhooked.

Dead By Daylight Hellraiser Chapter Review Verdict

Like many other licensed characters who have been added to the game without a companion on the other side of the competition, The Cenobite is a good purchase for those who are fans of Hellraiser but might not stand out to others. His ability is complex and is much better suited for experienced players than for beginners.

The Cenobite's perks are relatively strong, but aren't entirely game-changing, and can be purchased from the Shrine of Secrets for those who are willing to wait until they show up again.

Review Score: 6/10

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