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How To Counter The Clown In Dead By Daylight

Here's how to counter The Clown in Dead by Daylight, including the best tips, tricks, and strategies to escape the trial.
How To Counter The Clown In Dead By Daylight

The Clown can use his Afterpiece Tonic and Afterpiece Antidote to slow Survivors down or speed himself up, making him a mind-gaming powerhouse when used by a great player. As such, Survivors will need to be smart to outplay a good Clown player, but it's more than possible if you familiarize yourself with this Killer's power and take advantage of your strengths.

Let's take a deeper look into what it takes to counter The Clown in Dead by Daylight, including what to expect when playing against this Killer and what you can do to prepare.

Update 27 March 2023 - This article has been updated to reflect all of the changes to Dead by Daylight that affect the best counters to The Clown.

Dodge The Clown's Bottles

clown dead by daylight bottles
The Clown's Afterpiece Antidote creates a yellow cloud, while the Tonic is purple. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Any good Clown player will try to throw their bottles directly at you when they can. An indirect hit will still create a cloud of purple smoke around the bottle, slowing you down, but a direct impact can also stop actions such as generator repairs and unhooks.

Some Clown players also run the Redhead's Pinky Finger add-on, which inflicts Survivors who are hit directly with bottles with the Exposed status effect, which forces them to go down in one hit. To avoid being caught off-guard by this commonly used (yet Iridescent) add-on, avoid direct hits from The Clown's bottles at all costs, especially if the Killer seems insistent on hitting you with one.

Take Advantage Of The Clown's Yellow Afterpiece Antidote

While The Clown's Afterpiece Antidote will speed him up when he walks through the cloud, it will also speed up any Survivor that runs through it. An experienced Clown player will attempt to throw the Antidote in areas that will benefit him, but if you happen to see a cloud of Afterpiece Antidote at a reasonable time, don't hesitate to run through it. You'll be granted a burst of speed, which can be enough to escape this Killer in most situations!

Split Up And Complete Generators Quickly

clown dead by daylight survivor generator
Staying far away from other Survivors is a good way to prevent The Clown from applying too much pressure on the team. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

To win against The Clown, you should play strategically with your team. It's in your best interest to split up and complete generators as quickly as possible. The Clown is excellent at downing Survivors in 1v1 loop situations but struggles when entire teams remain standing and working consistently. Bringing along a good Survivor build can help you complete generators quickly enough to escape The Clown.

That's all you need to know about how to counter The Clown in Dead by Daylight. If you apply these tips and tricks, you're sure to win more trials and come out on top against even the best Killer players. Good luck out there in the fog!

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.