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How To Counter The Huntress in Dead By Daylight

You'll have to move and think fast to counter The Huntress in Dead by Daylight. Here are the best tips, tricks, and strategies to counter her.
How To Counter The Huntress in Dead By Daylight

The Huntress is undoubtedly one of Dead by Daylight's most intimidating Killers, given her ability to injure Survivors from a long distance with her Hunting Hatchets. Many new players fear going up against her due to the sheer might of her power. But if you know the counter strategies when playing against The Huntress, you'll feel a lot more confident and come out unscathed more often. This guide will cover how to counter The Huntress in Dead by Daylight, including how to avoid her Hunting Hatchets and basic attacks, winning more trials against this Killer.

Update 27 March 2023 - This article has been updated to reflect all of the changes to Dead by Daylight that affect the best counters to The Huntress.

Best Counters To The Huntress In Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight huntress hatchet counter
The Huntress' Hunting Hatchets are her strongest weapon, allowing her to attack from a distance. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Break Line Of Sight Against The Huntress

The Huntress needs a line of sight on you to land a Hunting Hatchet, meaning she'll need to see you without being blocked by any obstacles to land the hatchet. So if The Huntress is chasing after you, break the line of sight in any way you can by running along long walls, crouching behind rocks, and even weaving between trees if all else fails.

Don't Run Out In The Open

The Huntress can throw a Hunting Hatchet from one end of the map to the other if she has good aim, soyou should never run out in the open if you know you're playing against a Huntress. Even if you don't hear the Killer nearby, you should try to stay behind walls and obstacles when possible. In addition, try to keep on the side of a generator that does not face the open part of the map when possible. If you can hear The Huntress's lullaby nearby, it's even more critical to avoid being caught out in the open.

dead by daylight huntress counter loop
Throw off The Huntress by running in unpredictable patterns. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Don't Be Predictable

If The Huntress can predict your movements, she'll more easily be able to land her Hunting Hatchets. Another great way to avoid getting hit by The Huntress is to avoid being predictable with your movements. Fake windows, crouch to avoid hatchets, spin in circles, change direction, and make other sudden moves to throw off her judgment.

If you know the fundamentals of how to loop in Dead by Daylight, you should know how to mind-game loops and throw off Killers; utilizing those basics is more important than ever against The Huntress. It's also important to react quickly when you see a hatchet hurling toward you; if you're quick, you can often move to avoid getting hit, even if you would otherwise be injured.

That's all you need to know to counter The Huntress in Dead by Daylight. Her Hunting Hatchets make her an extremely formidable foe when in the hands of a good Killer player, but with the right strategies and approach, you can win more trials against her.

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