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Old Dead By Daylight Chapters Are Going Away, Replaced By New DLC Packs

Dead by Daylight individual DLCs are going away, with Behaviour switching up how players can purchase killers and survivors.
Old Dead By Daylight Chapters Are Going Away, Replaced By New DLC Packs
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's individual original DLCs will no longer be purchasable as of 8 January 2024, and will instead be replaced with DLC packs. Each DLC pack will contain four of the game's chapters, and will come with additional content to make the pack purchase worthwhile.

In addition to the removal of individual DLC pack purchases, there will also be a permanent price reduction on all original DLC characters in the in-game DBD store. While the combo packs won't be cheaper if you already own one of the DLCs within them, buying the DLC characters directly from the store will allow you to get the characters you don't already have, at a more affordable price.

No licensed content will be included in these packs at all; it's instead a way for players to get access to the game's existing original content. 

Here's every new Dead by Daylight DLC pack:

Maddening Darkness Pack

  • Of Flesh and Mud
  • Shattered Bloodline
  • Curtain Call
  • Spark of Madness

Old Wounds Pack

  • Chains of Hate
  • Cursed Legacy
  • Darkness Among Us
  • Demise of the Faithful

Macabre Tales Pack

Each pack also comes with exclusive cosmetics for the characters in it, as well as 4 exclusive items. It's unknown what those "exclusive" items might be, though they could include Banners, Badges, Charms, or other accessories.

Also available is the game's new Gold Edition, with comes with all three new DLC packs and all content within them. 

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