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Dead by Daylight Project T Could Include DBD Characters, Maps, & Perks

Dead by Daylight's Project T could include lots of elements from the original game.
Dead by Daylight Project T Could Include DBD Characters, Maps, & Perks
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Project T could incorporate Dead by Daylight perks, characters, maps, and more, a recent player satisfaction survey suggests. The survey, which was released in late June, asked players questions about their experiences playing Dead by Daylight - as well as what they'd like to see in Midwinter Entertainment's upcoming DBD shooter game, Project T. The list of options included introducing Dead by Daylight killers, survivors, perks, and maps to the game.

Also on the checklist of things players may like to see in Project T was a "similar art design to Dead by Daylight," suggesting that if players show interest, the game could not only have similar gameplay elements to DBD, but also a similar style.

DEAD BY daylight survey
A Dead by Daylight survey asked players about adding DBD content to Project T. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

All of the proposed additions sound pretty interesting, but of note, the question asked about introducing both killers and survivors to Project T - which is a PVE game. I have to ask, does this mean we'll finally be able to play as The Trapper and Dwight Fairfield on the same team? Maybe even Meg Thomas and the Huntress? It's a pretty interesting concept, and it's one that I hope Project T chooses to explore in-depth.

After all, while Dead by Daylight does pit survivors against killers, that's entirely the work of the Entity. In fact, it's canon that many of the killers don't actually want to be there, endlessly sacrificing survivors on meat hooks. And the survivors definitely don't want to be there. So what if there was a world where the two sides could work together against the environment they're in? Given that Project T is, in fact, a PvE game, it could be an opportunity for killers and survivors to team up against the evil that pitted them against one another in the Fog in the first place. 

This potential reimagining of the relationships between killers and survivors could not only deepen Dead by Daylight's lore and give opportunities for new interactions between characters and their in-game abilities, it could also limit toxicity in the community. While Dead by Daylight will likely always retain its 4v1 asymmetrical style of gameplay, a game like Project T putting killers and survivors on the same side might cause players to view the characters and their dynamics a little differently, lessening offensive and aggressive interactions in the original title.

Dead by Daylight's Project T has a ton of room for creativity and flexibility when incorporating the original game's characters and mechanics, if they choose to do so - and I hope that they'll choose to do it in a way that not only deepens the game's lore, but explores the way killers and survivors interact with one another in the Fog.

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