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Will Dead By Daylight Have A Second Saw Chapter?

Dead by Daylight could release a second Saw chapter with a new killer and survivor.
Will Dead By Daylight Have A Second Saw Chapter?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Pig was added to Dead by Daylight back in 2018, and she remains one of the game's fan-favorite characters with a dedicated cult following, despite her tendency to appear towards the bottom in killer tier lists. David Tapp joined the Fog along with her, bringing game-changing perks like Detective's Hunch, which allows players to effectively see all important objectives.

With the release of Saw X in 2023 and the age of the first chapter, players have been left wondering if perhaps there could be a new Saw chapter in Dead by Daylight featuring a new killer and survivor from the series. Here's what we know so far about that possibility, including all the latest news and leaks.

Dead By Daylight New Saw Chapter Leaks & News

dead by daylight pig
The Pig was Dead by Daylight's first Saw chapter killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's developers have potentially teased an upcoming Saw chapter with a 27 October Tweet featuring a picture of the Saw bathroom, going so far as to use the franchise's hashtag in the post.

While it's possible that this Tweet could simply be Dead by Daylight's way of celebrating the release of Saw X, its cryptic nature raises questions as to whether it could actually be a hint to the next chapter. In addition to this recent nod to Saw, DBD also temporarily brought back Meg's "Boop the Snoot" mask last month, allowing players to get this long-vaulted Saw cosmetic.

Could Dead by Daylight Chapter 30 be a Saw chapter? It's looking more and more likely, especially since Dead by Daylight's developers have a history of partnering with franchises shortly after a new installment to their franchise is released - as was the case with Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Stranger Things, and Resident Evil. All of the recent nods to the franchise on social media and with codes also suggest that developers might be focusing on Saw for the next chapter.

Dead By Daylight New Saw Chapter Killer

It's up in the air as to who the killer could be in the new Saw chapter, as the chapter itself hasn't been confirmed yet; however, it's highly likely that we could see John Kramer, or Jigsaw, in Dead by Daylight. He's no doubt the most iconic villainous face in the Saw franchise, so much so that many fans were surprised to see Amanda Young (The Pig) added to the game back in 2018 instead of Kramer.

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