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Dead Island 2 Skill Cards Tier List: Ranked Best to Worst

We have curated a Dead Island 2 tier list that highlights the best and the worst skill cards in the game.
Dead Island 2 Skill Cards Tier List: Ranked Best to Worst

Dead Island 2 introduces a Skill Card system that gives a wide array of options for crafting your perfect slayer. Skill Cards are basically skills that you unlock by completing main quests, leveling up, and exploring the world. 

The dozens and dozens of Skill Cards in Dead Island 2 will allow you to slay zombies in unique and interesting ways. However, since there's an overwhelming amount of these in the game, we have curated a tier list, ranking the best to worst Skill Cards in Dead Island 2. 

Dead Island 2 Skill Cards Explained

dead island 2 skills
There are four different types of skills in Dead Island 2. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

There are four different types of skills in Dead Island 2. These are: 

  • Abilities: These are the primary combat moves that you unlock by completing story quests. 
  • Survivor: These are skills that make you more potent at surviving HELL-A. It buffs attributes like blocking, dodging, countering, etc. 
  • Slayer: These are skills that let you slay enemies in style. It buffs attributes like heavy attacks, sliding, maiming, status effects, etc.
  • Numen: These are the most aggressive skills that channel your inner zombie. Numen skills are unlocked after finishing the main story. 

Each of the four skill types has its own set of skill slots in which you can equip their respective skill cards. 

Aside from these, there are also Innate skills and Autophage skills. Innate skills are unique to every slayer or character in the game. They are permanent, and you can't replace them with other skill cards. 

Autophage skills, like the Numen skills, channel the virus in your body and provide some of the most powerful buffs. However, using them will increase your Autophage tier and deteriorate your humanity. For example, at Autophage Tier 2, attacking zombies after a kill will regain your stamina though your overall stamina regeneration rate will decrease. These skill cards are denoted by a skull icon and can be part of any of the four aforementioned skill types. 

Dead Island 2: Best Skill Cards tier list

skill card tier list
Skill Cards offer much potential for build crafting. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)
Tier Rank 

Skill Cards

  • Abilities: Dodge, Drop Kick, War Cry, Street Brawler, Spitting Cobra
  • Survivor: Hot-Footed, Rallying Cry, Ravenous, Safe Space
  • Slayer: Corpse Bomb, Volatile, Voltaic Scream, No Mercy
  • Numen: Corpse Blossom


  • Abilities: Block, Dash Strike, Surgical Focus, Scream
  • Survivor: Vivisuction, Lightning Strike, Pain Magazine
  • Slayer: Skull Skewer, Pyro, Carnage, The Limb Reaper
  • Numen: Anger Mismanagement



  • Abilities: Flying Kick, Ground Pound, Blood Rush, Overhead Smash
  • Survivor: Quake, Safety First, Inviograting
  • Slayer: Heavy Hitter, Clear Sightlines, Group Therapy
  • Numen: N/A

And that concludes our Dead Island 2 skill cards tier list. Keep in mind that this is still one person's perspective, and your version of this tier list may vary significantly. It's also important to note that some skill cards favor certain playstyles while others favor something else. As such, it's best to scout out all skill cards and choose the ones that suit you better.