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Dota 2
Dota 2

ESL One Genting: The Five Best Moments

Newbee were the deserving champions.
ESL One Genting had everything that a Dota 2 fan could want, and more. Putting aside for one second the drama about the tournament being exclusive to Facebook, ESL One delivered another fantastic tournament. With 16 teams fighting for the title and a huge prize pool of $400,000, this tournament generated countless astounding plays and insane team-fights. Make no mistake: ESL One Genting 2018 is an event that will stick in the memory for a long time. When Newbee & Team Liquid ended up in the finals, many expected another whitewash in favour of Team Liquid, just as we saw at The International 7 finals, where Team Liquid beat Newbee 3-0. This, however, was not the case, as in an epic battle Newbee ended up taking the crown and winning ESL One Genting 3-2. They walked away with $160,000 and 200 precious pro points to help them to qualify for The International 8. Let's have a look at some of the plays that made ESL One Genting the thriller that it was!

1. Pasha Rampages!

https://youtu.be/tXJTnnitabk?t=43m29s What started as VP's offensive on top lane T2 tower quickly turned into VP disengaging, running away and hitting the perfect timing of Sand King's Epicentre into Burrow Strike!

2. Everyone Loves a Blackhole!

https://youtu.be/bHIh_LSKXkQ?t=41m56s While Newbee were patiently picking away at VG's T3 on bottom lane, a precision sleep from KaKa's Naga Siren sets up the Black Hole from Kpii on Enigma to take Game 1 in style!

3. Yapzor a god?

https://youtu.be/gS_mL6Rc8Tw?t=36m54s We all know that Yapzor is most famous for the most tremendous plays on Rubic, but did you know that his Clockwerk is pretty damn good too? Watch Yapzor save his teammate by force staffing Underlord to rescue Troll Warlord!

4. Sccc Drops His Hammer..BIG TIME!

https://youtu.be/YeGNSHXgSpw?t=37m4s What turned out to be a bad fight for Newbee and a failed Roshan ambush, Sccc has stolen 56 Intelligence on Outworld Devourer. He wants that revenge against Liquid, with a perfect blink ravage on tidehunter from Kpii, Sccc drops his hammer and obliterates Team Liquid!

5. The Perfect Buyback

https://youtu.be/Dvxjd4_8DAA?t=48m24s Sccc gets dropped fast by Team Liquid, and what should have been a clean wipe for Team Liquid actually ends up them being being wiped from the game – and the tournament. Watch how Sccc buys back almost instantly and TPs on top of his shrine. Not only does he keep Newbee in the fight, but also secures the kills and Roshan to win the Minor. A perfect buyback Five of the most amazing plays and a revenge that couldn't possibly have been sweeter for Newbee after what must have been a painful International.