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ESO Gold Road: How To Unlock The Adventurer Across A Decade Achievement

Celebrate ten years of The Elder Scrolls Online with a new Achievement, the Adventurer Across a Decade, to unlock and a new skin to be earned.
ESO Gold Road: How To Unlock The Adventurer Across A Decade Achievement
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)'s tenth Anniversary celebrations are still continuing, following a Celebration Kick-Off Event, free in-game content, and free play event for all to enjoy with the community. With the Gold Road Chapter nearing its global release in June 2024 for console and PC, developer ZeniMax Online Studios confirmed new in-game content awaiting to be unlocked when the Gold Road Chapter launches.

This content features a new in-game Achievement to be unlocked, and as a token of thanks and appreciation for the ten years of support, a reward can be earned upon its completion. This guide explains how players can unlock the Adventurer Across a Decade Achievement and earn the Fractured Glory skin in ESO.

How To Get The Adventurer Across A Decade Achievement In ESO: Gold Road?

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios announced in a recent post that a brand new in-game Achievement titled Adventurer Across a Decade will be available for all players to unlock in ESO. This Achievement has been made available for the upcoming Gold Road Chapter to commemorate the game's tenth Anniversary, which occurred in April 2024.

As for when players can start progressing to unlock this Achievement, it will be included in Update 42, which launches together with the Gold Road Chapter on 3rd June 2024 for PC. But before they can start unlocking it, there are a few prerequisites that they must meet as outlined by the developer, and we've carefully listed them below.

Players looking to unlock the Adventurer Across A Decade Achievement must complete the following in-game content:

  • Have earned and unlocked the Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact Achievements (by completing a certain number of quests within the Alliance's key zones)
  • Followed and completed the main game questline and defeated Molag Bal
  • Have completed the main questlines in the following areas:
    • Blackwood
    • Clockwork City
    • Coldharbour
    • Craglorn
    • The Deadlands
    • Galen
    • Gold Coast
    • Hew's Bane
    • High Isle
    • Murkmire
    • Northern and Southern Elsweyr
    • The Reach
    • Summerset
    • Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha
    • Vvardenfell
    • West Weald
    • Western Skyrim
    • Wrothgar

Players are to note that it will be counted towards their progression if they have already completed the main questlines in any of these areas prior to the Update 42 and Gold Road Chapter release. The same is said for any Achievements they've unlocked for these zones, giving them peace of mind of not having to repeat content and instead can continue completing questlines that are outstanding.

Once they've met the prerequisites by completing the questlines and unlocking the required Achievements, they'll unlock the Adventurer Across a Decade Achievement. As a reward for unlocking the Achievement, players will earn a new in-game reward, the Fractured Glory skin, which "proudly" shows their dedication, thus marking them "as a true veteran of Tamriel's Second Era."