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All Bedlam Veil Dungeon Rewards In ESO

The Scions of Ithelia DLC brings two new dungeons to ESO, and a bunch of new rewards to claim.
All Bedlam Veil Dungeon Rewards In ESO

Fans of the Elder Scrolls Online have big things to look forward to in 2024, namely the next Chapter — Gold Road. But before this next expansion hits the servers, players will have a brand new DLC to work through to introduce the story and some of the themes we'll see in the months to come.

As part of the Scions of Ithelia DLC, two new dungeons will arrive — Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil. The latter of these dungeons will have players meeting new characters and fighting monsters that will play a part in the upcoming Gold Road. Below, we'll go over exactly what players can earn by completing Bedlam Veil.

ESO Bedlam Veil Dungeon: All Rewards

65e880b4747a5-Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 14.41.36.png
Equip yourself with the latest items by delving through the Bedlam Veil. (Picture: Bethesda)

In the Bedlam Veil, players can expect to earn new achievements, collectibles, item sets, and more. This includes the Echonir Examination memento and a new monster mask. While we won't know the exact amount of rewards on offer until the DLC drops, Bethesda have revealed the following:

  • Echonir Examination memento (Complete the dungeon)
  • Artifact-Hunter Amber Dye (complete both Bedlam Veil and Oathsworn Pit side content)
  • Monster mask
  • Blind Path Induction Light Item Set
  • Medium Item Set
  • Heavy Item Set

Blind Path Induction Light Armor Bonuses

65e880b2c70c3-Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 14.41.43.png
The Blind Path Induction is a new Light Armor set available in the Bedlam Veil. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • (2 pieces) — Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • (3 pieces) — Adds 4% Healing Done
  • (4 pieces) — Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • (5 pieces) — Increase the strength of your Damage Shields by 13% to targets 15 meters or closer to you. Increase your Healing Done by 13% to targets more than 15 meters from you.

ESO Bedlam Veil Release Date: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

The Bedlam Veil will be available in ESO as part of the Scions of Ithelia DLC, which launches on March 11 for PC/Mac, and March 26 for PlayStation and Xbox.

Players will need to purchase the DLC pack from the in-game store, or claim it via the ESO Plus membership, to access the new content.