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ESO Necrom Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic: All Leads & Locations

Locate and scry the five leads before collecting all pieces to form the Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic chest item detailed in this ESO guide.
ESO Necrom Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic: All Leads & Locations

Mythic items are unique pieces players can obtain by locating and scrying leads through the Antiquities system in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). As such, acquiring these items requires significant progression through certain Skill Lines before you can attempt to track down the leads.

The Necrom chapter adds a few new Mythic items, including the chest piece Cryptcanon Vestments, which its leads are found mainly in the Telvanni Peninsula. This guide details where to acquire leads and for which Cryptcanon Vestments piece in ESO: Necrom.

How To Get The Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic In ESO: Necrom?

According to the launch day patch notes, the Cryptcanon Vestments is one of the new Mythics included with the Necrom chapter for ESO. This Mythic item is a Light Chest piece which, when equipped, will nullify your ability to utilize all Ultimate abilities; however, it will replace it with a new skill, Crypt Transfer.

elder scrolls online armor guide cryptcanon vestments mythic how to get bal sunnar
One of the Cryptcanon Vestment leads can be found after defeating a Dungeon boss inside the Bal Sunnar dungeon. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

When using this skill, should you activate an Ultimate, it will equally distribute its Ultimate resources amongst other players. Additionally, when each item from this Mythic set is equipped, you’ll receive Minor Heroisim “at all times,” mainly when engaged in combat.

The downside of this Mythic set is that it’s encouraged to be used in grouped PvP activities, especially endgame content like Trials, where this item can be significantly utilized. Therefore, using this Mythic item during single-player experiences is not advised, which can significantly hamper your character’s combat abilities.

All Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic Leads & Locations In ESO: Necrom

To acquire the Cryptcanon Vestments Mythic set, you must find and scry all leads through the Antiquities system. If you have yet to unlock the Antiquity Skill Line, you’ll need to locate Verita Numida in Western Skyrim and begin the questline to receive it.

elder scrolls online armor guide cryptcanon vestments mythic leads ordinator nelyn necrom city broker
Find the Daily Job Broker, Ordinator Nelyn, to receive a Daily Job to complete and receive a Reward Coffer to find a lead. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Players must level up the Antiquity Skill Line by scrying small leads until they can scry Mythic items throughout Tamriel. For clarity, you’ll need to have the Antiquity Skill Line ranked at Level 7 and higher and have unlocked the Antiquarian Insight IV Passive Ability.

Using the leads, you can find the pieces at various locations, and, using the Excavation Skill Line, you can obtain them before assembling all pieces to forge the Cryptcanon Vestments. All the Mythic pieces can be located within the Telvanni Peninsula; however, the leads can be acquired in various manners.

Below we’ve detailed how to find all leads and Mythic pieces for the Cryptcanon Vestments in ESO: Necrom:

Lead: Location: Item Scryed:
Lead: Ancestor Samite Undershirt An enemy drop after defeating Matriarch Lladi Telvanni inside the Bal Sunnar dungeon in Stonefalls Ancestor Samite Undershirt
Lead: Ancestor Samite Stole An enemy drop after defeating Uzur the All-Seeing within The Disquiet Study Delve Ancestor Samite Stole
Lead: Scrib Chitlin Padding An enemy drop after defeating Corlys the Chainmaker, the Overworld Boss at Clamorclap Bowl Scrib Chitlin Padding
Lead: Netchback Clasps A chest loot found within treasures chests found across Apocrypha. Netchback Clasps
Lead: Ancestor Samite Sash As a Reward Coffer drop for completing Necrom Dailies acquired from Ordinator Nelyn. Ancestor Samite Sash

Once you have all the leads, scry each lead to uncover their found locations in the Telvanni Peninsula and begin excavating them. Once all pieces are found, it will assemble the Cryptcanon Vestments and unlock the Cryptcanon Vestments Achievement for discovering this Mythic item.