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ESO Dev Accidentally Reveals Upcoming "Endless Archive" Dungeon

ESO's upcoming endless dungeon was accidentally revealed to be called "Endless Archive" during a live interview with a dev.
ESO Dev Accidentally Reveals Upcoming "Endless Archive" Dungeon

During a live interview at the annual, ESO Tavern event, a dev accidentally revealed new content prematurely. Bethesda and ZeniMax previously announced that The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) would be receiving an endless dungeon as part of the year's later content. However, the game's Lead Encounter Designer accidentally revealed that dungeon will be called "Endless Archive". In addition, it was revealed that new types of sets will also be made available in the Endless Archive, as well as Class Specific sets.

It's unclear exactly how these Class Specific sets will work, whether they provide set class buffs or introduce new class specific skills. Regardless, we'll need to wait a little bit longer before the full details of these new features come to light. As reported by ESO-Hub, a ZeniMax employee later confirmed at the ESO Tavern that this information was not supposed to be announced just yet. 

The interview can be viewed via Bethesda_DE's Twitch channel, along with the accidentally revealed information. The official ESO Twitter account later confirmed the information in a tweet: 

Each year, German ESO fans are treated to a special event called the ESO Tavern, in which a number of themed activities take place at a set location, hosted by Bethesda's ESO team. This year, the event was held at Castle Satzvey, an area not too far from Cologne, Germany. Here, fans were able to enjoy a variety of activities including Sword Fighting and Archery, as well as attend special on-site interviews with developers.

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