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Elder Scrolls Online Update 34 patch notes - Spanish language support, armory changes, more

Update 34 launches with Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, bringing support for Spanish, Mundus Stones in Armory, and a Quick Select Wheel.
Elder Scrolls Online Update 34 patch notes - Spanish language support, armory changes, more

Elder Scrolls Online's latest expansion, High Isle, arrives in June 2022, and Bethesda is deploying a massive update to get the game ready. Update 34 will launch alongside the High Isle expansion, and the company has now given a glimpse of what fans could expect from this massive free update.

At the time of writing, Bethesda has not revealed the full patch notes for Update 34; however, it has enlisted several key additions and changes headed with the new update. With that said, here's everything we know about Elder Scrolls Online Update 34.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 34 - Spanish Language Support 

spanish language elder scrolls online update 34
Update 34 adds the highly-requested Spanish language support to Elder Scrolls Online. (Picture: Bethesda)

Update 34 will finally add Spanish as an in-game language in Elder Scrolls Online. Everything will be available to view in Spanish with the next big update ranging from in-game texts and subtitles to in-game menus and dialogues.

According to Bethesda, the Elder Scrolls Online launcher for PC will also receive an update on 23rd May 2022 to include the Spanish language option.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 34 - Mundus Stone in Armory

mundus stones armoury elder scrolls online update 34
Update 34 will allow you to equip Mundus Stones in Armory. (Picture: Bethesda)

Additionally, Elder Scrolls Online's Armory System will receive an overhaul with Update 34, with a key addition being the option to add  Mundus Stones to your Armory Builds. If you didn't know, Mundus Stones are powerful objects in the world of Elder Scrolls Online that confer permanent buffs.

With Mundus Stones available in the Armory, you can now assign a specific Mundus Stone to one of your builds and load a build that grants the Mundus Stone boon. Furthermore,  you can see which Mundus Stone is assigned to which of your builds from the preview screen of every slot. 

Once Update 34 drops, your currently equipped Mundus Stone will carry over to all your existing builds, which means you will have to tweak them manually afterward in the Armory.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 34 - New Quick Select Wheel

quick wheel elder scrolls online update 34
Update 34 adds a new quick wheel to improve Quick Slot management. (Picture: Bethesda)

Another highly anticipated (and requested) feature introduced by Update 34 is the new Quick Select wheel option, allowing you to efficiently organize your Quick Slot items. 

This new addition will let you place items within primary and secondary wheels, prioritizing combat-oriented items for the primary wheel while saving other Quick Access items for the secondary wheel. Furthermore, you can also use the Quick Select wheel to manage your allies' inventories.

That's all the confirmed new additions and changes coming to Elder Scrolls Online with the free Update 34.

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Featured image courtesy of Bethesda.