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How To Get Crowns In Elder Scrolls Online (2023)

The Elder Scrolls Online features plenty of bonus cosmetics and items to buy in the Crown Store, so how do you earn Crowns in 2023?
How To Get Crowns In Elder Scrolls Online (2023)

Like the majority of MMORPGs, or online games in general, the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) features its own in-game premium currency: Crowns. There are other currencies available: Gold, Crown Gems, Seals of Endeavor, and more. But Crowns are the main premium currency that players will use across the Crown Store.

Crowns are used to buy in-game furniture, houses, mounts, non-combat pets, and more. It can even be used to buy some of ESO's many DLCs and expansions, if you haven't purchased them already with real money. But aside from the expansions, everything that can be bought with Crowns are optional bonuses and aren't necessary to enjoy the game. But for some players, these provide attractive in-game experiences that could make ESO even more enjoyable. 

The Crown Store is updated regularly, with new items added or brought into rotation each month. If there's nothing that catches your eye in one month, there may be something in the next. The issue with Crowns, however, is that they're seemingly hard to obtain, requiring players to spend real money to fill their virtual coin purse. So, how can players earn Crowns in ESO?

How To Get Crowns In ESO 2023? Prices, Subscriptions Listed

Crowns can be purchased in a variety of quantities. (Picture: Bethesda)

As it stands, there are no ways to earn Crowns in-game for free. Players instead have a number of options available to them when it comes to purchasing Crowns. The first is by buying select Crown bundles, which are available in the following quantities via the official website or in-game store:

  • 750 Crowns - $7.99 USD
  • 1500 Crowns - $14.99 USD
  • 3000 Crowns - $24.99 USD
  • 5500 Crowns - $39.99 USD
  • 14000 Crowns - $99.99 USD
  • 21000 Crowns - $149.99 USD

Rather than buying Crown bundles outright, players can also subscribe to ESO Plus. A subscription costs $14.99 USD for 1 month. Players get access to all past DLCs, a Crafting Bag for all their crafting materials which frees up inventory space, and double Bank space. In addition, players also get 1,650 Crowns each month they are subscribed, making this option better value for money than buying 1500 Crowns at $14.99 USD separately. 

Aside from ESO Plus, the only other ways for players to gain free Crowns is through the one-time grant of 500 Crowns which comes with buying a version of Elder Scrolls Online. There are no codes or free offers of Crowns, though occassionally official Bethesda contests might offer Crowns as a reward.