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Oathsworn Pit Memento: How To Get Malacath Helm Haunt In ESO

The Scions of Ithelia DLC has brought new Mementos to earn in Elder Scrolls Online, including the Malacath Helm Haunt.
Oathsworn Pit Memento: How To Get Malacath Helm Haunt In ESO
Bethesda, Alexandra Hobbs

Ahead of the launch for ESO's next Chapter, Gold Road, a brand new DLC has been made available — Scions of Ithelia. This expansion adds in two new dungeons for players to take on, alone or with friends, with storylines that lead directly into Gold Road.

But aside from glory, players also stand to earn themselves a huge array of cosmetics, achievements, Mementos, and more, simply by taking on these new challenges. One new Memento is the Malacath Helm Haunt which, if you're an avid collector, is a necessary acquisition. 

How To Earn The Malacath Helm Haunt Memento In Elder Scrolls Online

The Malacath Helm Haunt Memento is linked directly to the Oathsworn Pit dungeon. (Picture: Bethesda, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

The first thing to know about the Malacath Helm Haunt Memento is that it's tied to the Scions of Ithelia dungeon, Oathsworn Pit. This means that players will need to have access to this DLC in order to be in with a chance of nabbing this Memento. 

Sadly, purchasing the DLC is the easy part, as this Memento will require defeating the dungeon's bosses at Veteran difficulty. To earn the Malacath Helm Haunt Memento, players will need to defeat the following:

  • Packmaster Rethelros
  • Anthelmir & Anthelmir's Construct
  • Aradros the Awakened

Oathsworn Pit can be found in The Reach, east of the Deep Folk Crossing. By completing the above at Veteran difficulty, players will unlock the Memento and complete the Oathsworn Pit Conqueror achievement.

Once obtained, you'll be able to view and use your Memento from the Memento Collection, found via the in-game menu.