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ESO Necrom Telvanni Alchemy Station: All Leads & Dig Site Locations

If you're looking to get the Telvanni Alchemy Station, you'll need to find all leads and their dig sites scattered across the Telvanni Peninsula for ESO.
ESO Necrom Telvanni Alchemy Station: All Leads & Dig Site Locations

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added several new antiquities in the Necrom chapter for players to obtain through the Antiquities system. The Telvanni Alchemy Station is one of these antiques for which players must track the dig site locations, find the leads and scry them.

While this will allow you to receive a new crafting station to be placed in your beautiful home, locating all the dig sites and leads will take a lot of work. We've pulled out the map and marked off all dig site locations and the leads to find for the Telvanni Alchemy Station in ESO: Necrom.

How To Get The Telvanni Alchemy Station In ESO: Necrom?

The Telvanni Alchemy Station is one of the new crafting stations included with the Necrom chapter for ESO's Antiquities system. This station can be acquired by locating all leads and uncovering their drop locations throughout the Telvanni Peninsula to complete its Codex entry.

elder scrolls online antiquities guide telvanni alchemy station antiquity system unlock scrying antiquarian circle npc verita numida
Visit Verida Numida at the Antiquarian Circle in Western Skyrim to complete and unlock the Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

If you don't have the Scrying Skill Line active, you must head to Solitude in Western Skyrim, included in the Greymoor DLC, and find the Antiquarian Circle beside the Bards College. Locate the Quest Giver NPC, Verita Numida, to receive the Scrying questline to complete and the Antiquarian's Eye tool used for scrying.

After completing this quest line, the skill line should be given to you where you can start leveling it up by scrying smaller leads until it's ranked high enough to scry rare leads. It's worth pointing out that you can earn rapport with Azandar Al-Cybiades when scrying leads, so do have this companion active for this purpose.

All Telvanni Alchemy Station Leads & Dig Zones For ESO: Necrom

To complete the Codex entry for the Telvanni Alchemy Station, you'll need to find ten different leads throughout the Telvanni Peninsula. These leads can be found within the Antiquities Codex section under your Journal, and from there, you can search specific areas for a dig site highlighted by a glowing item.

elder scrolls online antiquities guide telvanni alchemy station antiquity system leads dig sites scrying map locations
All the leads and dig site locations in the Telvanni Peninsula for the Telvanni Alchemy Station. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

You'll need to excavate the dig site until you've discovered the antiquity unearthed, but additional items can be found. You will also utilize the Excavation Skill Line for this task, which can be obtained by completing the Antiquarian Circle questline and getting ready to level up.

Let's look at all ten leads and their dig sites for the Telvanni Alchemy Station in ESO:

Lead: Location: Item Scryed:
Unusual Mortar Behind a pile of rocks south of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine. Igneous Mortar and Pestle
Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Head to the Old Sailenmora Outpost northeast of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine, between the rocks. Vacuum Filtration Apparatus
Questionable Burette Not far from the Lustrous Metal Funnel location, this is found north of Sailenmora, nearby a rock in the river. Malachite Burette and Stand
Sizzling Rocks Found south of a lava pool within an area between the Alavelis and the Padomaic Crest Wayshrines. Volcanic Sand Bath
Shattered Desiccator South of the Sanity's Edge Trial in Alavelis, highlighted in red. Glass Desiccator
Clogged Retort Found at the exact location as Sunvys Golsathyn Gravestone on a small island near a boat southwest of Ald Isra. Tempered Brass Retort
Damaged Reagent Rack Found on a cliff's edge overlooking the waters in Ald Isra, northwest of the Ald Isra Wayshrine. Reagent Drying Rack
Damaged Funelling Mechanism Along the river bank west of the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine and across from the Nightmare Den World Boss. Lustrous Metal Funnel
Runic Rock A glowing rock protruding from the ground located on the right side of a bridge en route to Kemel-Ze. Enchanted Mixing Stones
Leaky Crucible On a small island sast of Kemel-Ze near a group of tall mushrooms. Sturdy Crucible

Once you have discovered all the Antiquity leads, you must scry them to obtain the relevant items. Doing so will complete the antiquity itself, and the Telvanni Alchemy Station will become yours to own and be placed in your home for crafting potions and concoctions.