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ESO Necrom Daily Job Broker: Where To Find Ordinator Tilena

Are you looking for extra Gold or unique rewards? Find Ordinator Tilena in Necrom City and receive a daily job to complete in ESO: Necrom.
ESO Necrom Daily Job Broker: Where To Find Ordinator Tilena

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Necrom adds exciting new in-game content for players to explore and enjoy. However, during your travels, you may encounter some unforeseen expenses, and if you’re low on Gold, you may need to find some work outside of quests and dungeons.

So, if you’re looking for work and need extra Gold and unique rewards, like gear, you will want to find the Job Broker, Ordinator Tilena, somewhere in Necrom. This guide will help you find Ordinator Tilena and acquire a daily job from her in ESO: Necrom.

How To Find Ordinator Tilena In ESO: Necrom

Aside from the Zone Quests and side quests to complete, there are dungeons and delves to clear out and claim valuable rewards dropped. There are also various daily and weekly jobs when you need a break from dungeon-hunting, delve cleaning, and completing quests.

elder scrolls online npc guide ordinator tilena where how to find necrom outskirts wayshrine map location
You can travel to the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine from anywhere in Tamriel. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Where players can pick up daily and weekly jobs is relatively straightforward. To do so in Necrom, you’ll need a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Necrom or the Deluxe Collection: Necrom. However, if you have the base game, The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Necrom or Deluxe Upgrade: Necrom will grant you access to the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.

After you’ve found your way to the Telvanni Peninsula by traveling to the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine, find your way to its capital, Necrom City. You can pick up the Zone Quest, Fate’s Proxy from Leramil the Wise at the Wayshrine before heading to the Necrom City gates.

Once inside, you can start exploring Necrom City, but before doing this, you can easily find Ordinator Tilena in the city square. Head slightly east (to your right) from the doors, where you’ll find the Necrom Trading Plaza.

elder scrolls online npc guide ordinator tilena where how to find necrom trading plaza in-game
Look for the Necrom Trading Plaza near the Necrom City gates, where you can find Ordinator Tilena. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

You can find other job brokers at the Trading Plaza, but Ordinator Tilena is typically spotted sitting at a table, issuing jobs to other players. After speaking with her, you can pick up a daily job to be completed, which is repeatable.

Ordinator Nelyn can also be found here, and you can collect a repeatable job from him to be completed. Once you’ve set off and successfully finished the daily job, return to Necrom City and find Ordinator Tilena at the Necrom Trading Plaza before speaking with her to obtain the rewards.

If you’ve picked up and finished a daily job from Ordinator Tilena, you can unlock the Necrom Sojourner Achievement for doing a solo daily job. Settling ten solo daily jobs will unlock the Necrom Agent Achievement; likewise, completing 30 solo daily jobs unlocks the Necrom Professional Achievement.