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Fallout 4 Next-Gen Upgrade: Release Date Window, News, Graphics Modes

In celebration of Bethesda's twenty-five years of producing Fallout games, it's announced an upcoming next-gen update for Fallout 4 coming pretty soon for players.
Fallout 4 Next-Gen Upgrade: Release Date Window, News, Graphics Modes

Bethesda’s 2015 smash hit Fallout 4 has remained one of the most widely played action role-playing games worldwide. Despite Fallout 76 debuting three years after, Fallout 4 remains a contender as one of the franchise’s best games. However, the game might be losing its edge, with Fallout 4 closing into a decade since its release.

Fortunately for players, Bethesda recently celebrated twenty-five years of Fallout and unveiled some pretty exciting things. With this culmination of nearly three decades of fantastic Fallout games, the company also announced Fallout 4 would be getting a free next-gen update. This update means Fallout 4 will receive an all-around improvement across visuals, functionality, performance, and adaptability across console and PC platforms.

Update on 29 March 2023 - We've updated this article with the latest information about Fallout 4's next-gen update.

Latest Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update News

29 March 2023: Fallout 4 Next-Gen update release date speculation continues
15 February 2023: Fallout 4 next-gen update on its way video
25 January 2023 - Fallout 4 next-gen update news today?

There's a slim chance we might see some Fallout 4 next-gen update news at the Developer_Direct event today, starting at 18:00.

11 January 2023 - This is the year!

While the exact release date for Fallout 4's next-gen update is still unknown, we can finally say it will release this year!

When Will Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update Launch? Release Window

bethesda launch fall out 4 next gen update improve visuals functionality performance
Bethesda will launch Fallout 4's next-gen update next year. This update will improve visuals, functionality, and performance across the game.

Bethesda announced the new features coming to Fallout games, like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, on 24th October 2022. Celebrating twenty-five wonderful years of Fallout, Bethesda will be polishing Fallout 4 and providing players with a completely free upgrade, making gameplay feel somewhat new.

Are you prepared for the future? Bethesda is currently working on the next-gen update for Fallout 4. The update is completely free of cost and will be available the following year in 2023.

The update will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC systems.

Fallout 4 Next-Gen Graphics Modes

The next-gen patch should improve almost everything from visuals performance, and functionality across platforms. More so, the update includes performance mode features for high frame rates, quality features 4K resolution gameplay, and even bonus Creation Club content.

When Will The New Creation Club Content Come To Fallout 4?

bethesda new creation club content more information arrive 2023
Bethesda hasn't revealed any details on the new Creation Club content coming to Fallout 4 just yet. But more information should arrive in 2023.

So far, most of the upcoming Creation Club content has yet to be revealed by Bethesda. However, most players can expect relevant information to surface in the following months as 2023 draws closer. As always, players can expect entirely new cosmetics, abilities, items, and such to arrive soon in Fallout 4 next year.

Feel free to read Bethesda’s official announcement page or dive into an interview conducted with one of the franchise’s Senior Environment Artists, Megan Sawyer, who’s spent nearly two decades crafting the game players love.

Until more information is released, stay tuned for Fallout 4’s next-gen update and added details. We’ll update this article duly once that happens.