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FIGHT CARD episode two saw OBAssassin go Super Saiyan in DBFZ

The latest FGC live show from GINX Studios saw an hour of DBFZ action broadcast on ginx.tv and Twitch hosted by Damascus and guest caster C4IQ.

While FIGHT CARD is supposed to see two Dragon Ball Fighterz pros face off in an epic match-up, it seems the show itself has its own nemesis.

Once again, a player was struck down by server issues. Unfortunately, Kayne was unable to take part in the bout but Noka was able to step in as a more-than-worthy replacement for the Frenchman to play the FT7.

OBAssassin lived up to his name and reputation as one of Europe's finest by winning 7-4 to win the series against the last-minute challenger.

Winner from the ginx.tv chat Memphiles was give the chance to fight OBAssassin. The first game looked like it could go either way with Memphiles pulling off some impressive stuff, but OBAssassin exploited mistakes to claim it in the end. OBAssassin's Gohan was the playmaker to take down Memphiles without as much difficulty in game two to take the match.

A third winner of the evening came in the form of Rivuzu as they were the lucky randomly selected winner of the weekly Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller giveaway from the ginx.tv chat.

Which professional players will clash in the server? Who will win the next Thrustmaster Controller? Find out next time on FIGHT CARD!

The next episode featuring Street Fighter V will be broadcast on Thursday live from 8pm UK time, with a repeat of the DBFZ episode before that at 6pm on both ginx.tv and Twitch. To take part in future giveaways and have the chance to play against a pro, you will need to have an account on ginx.tv and be active in the chat on Thursday evening.

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