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Best Sage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

Check out our guide to the best Sage rotation in FFXIV!
Best Sage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

Each job in FFXIV has an important role to play. Sage is a barrier healer, meaning that they forego the typical pure HP regen associated with traditional healers (like White Mage and Astrologian) in favor of providing barriers to the team. This means that while they lack the raw burst healing potential of the aforementioned Jobs, they provide significant shields to compensate for this. 

So, if you are curious to learn more, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Sage rotation in FFXIV. 

Best Sage Rotation In FFXIV

Sage is a barrier healer. (Picture: Square Enix)

In order to know the best Sage Rotation in FFXIV, we need to look at several different factors. These include openers, GCDs, buffs, and more. We will break down each step of the rotation below:

In FFXIV, every member of the party is required to deal DPS during moments of downtime. This includes healers who, if not actively healing a party member at that specific moment, are required to deal DPS to the raid boss as well

Sage has the ability to deal the most damage out of any healing class. A core component of their kit revolves around using the ability Kardia. This is a permanent buff that can be placed on a party member. Whenever the Sage does offensive damage, this ability will heal the said party member. 

Sages should be doing DPS during downtime. (Picture: Square Enix)

Sages are a great healer to bring to a raid that requires high DPS checks. Some bosses will require the party to hit a certain amount of DPS in a short amount of time otherwise, the party will wipe. While all healers should be DPSing during their downtime, Sage can provide that extra push for parties struggling to meet DPS checks.

Here is an example of a Sage opener and rotation:

Best Sage Rotation - Endwalker 6.5

  1. Tincture of Mind
  2. Dosis III
  3. Eukrasia
  4. Eukrasian Dosis III
  5. Dosis III
  6. Dosis III
  7. Phlegma III
  8. Phlegma III 
  9. Dosis III

Depending on the type of encounter you are up against, this rotation may differ slightly. However, this is a very good rotation at maximizing your damage, and when in doubt, this can be used relatively everywhere. 

And that is everything you need to know about the best Sage rotation, including openers, abilities, and more in FFXIV.