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Final Fantasy 14: How To Get FFX Lulu Minion

Want a little Final Fantasy X Lulu to follow you around in Final Fantasy 14? Here's how to get one.
Final Fantasy 14: How To Get FFX Lulu Minion

Minions are a wonderful addition to Final Fantasy 14. While they don't serve any battle or field purpose, they're a cute accessory that follows your character around wherever they go. Not to mention there's a huge variety of creatures to have as minions, from goobbues to coeurl kittens to familiar faces. One such minion is a cute wind-up version of Lulu, Final Fantasy X's dedicated Black Mage.

Lulu is one of the Final Fantasy series' most memorable characters, owing to her character design. She's often seen dressed in a long black robe, decorated with an excessive amount of belts, and typically carries a moogle or other plush toy in her arms. In her Final Fantasy 14 minion form, she carries her standard toy moogle in her right arm. 

If you've seen players running around with a Lulu minion not far behind them, you're probably wondering how to get one for yourself. Here's what you need to know.

How To Get A Lulu Minion In Final Fantasy 14

Lulu takes on her default Final Fantasy X appearance in Final Fantasy 14. (Picture: Square Enix)

Getting a Lulu minion in Final Fantasy 14 is actually very simple. There's no quest that you need to complete, or level you need to hit. The Wind-up Lulu minion can be purchased from the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store

This minion's description reads: A clockwork doll crafted to resemble Lulu. The detail with which this automaton supposedly resembling a legendary heroine was crafted suggests that its artisan had either access to incredibly rare ancient texts or oddly specific personal preferences.

How Much Does The Lulu Minion Cost In Final Fantasy 14?

Players can purchase the Wind-up Lulu minion from the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store for $6.99 USD/£4.99 GBP/ 5.99 € EUR. This minion is available to use account wide, so no matter which character you have active you'll be able to have a little Lulu by your side.