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Kozama'uka Aether Current Locations In Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Looking to get your wings in Dawntrail's Kozama'uka region? You'll need to find all the Aether Currents.
Kozama'uka Aether Current Locations In Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail
Square Enix, Alexandra Hobbs

Walking and riding everywhere in Final Fantasy XIV can be time consuming, but with flying mounts things are made that little bit easier. But, in order to unlock flying in certain expansion regions, such as Dawntrail's Kozama'uka, you'll need to find every Aether Current.

Some Aether Currents are found across the world, whereas others are awarded as quest rewards. To save you some time, we've put together a list of all the locations and coordinates for every Aether Current in the Kozama'uka region.

All Kozama'uka Aether Current Locations & Coordinates

We'll split the Aether Current locations into ones that can be found while exploring the region, and those that are given as quest rewards.

All Kozama'uka Aether Currents Region Locations

Area Details Coordinates
Cave Kikitola On the eastern side

X: 9.5, Y: 17.8, Z: 0.0

Uyuypoga n/a

X: 31.8, Y: 14.4, Z :0.0

Miyakabek'zoma To the west of Many Fires

X: 22.4, Y: 27.1, Z: 1.1

Miyakabek'zoma To the northeast of Ok'bek'be

X: 27.5, Y: 7.7, Z: 0.0

Dock Poga At the end of the dock

X: 39.8, Y: 13.4, Z: 0.1

House of Winds High At the base of the tree

X: 8.7, Y: 11.7, Z: 0.0

Shoals of No Return Next to the wrecks and a Morbol

X: 15.5, Y: 34.2, Z: 1.1

Marsh Ligaka On the island in the middle of the lake

X: 24.0, Y: 32.0, Z: 1.1

The Dewspun Bank Hidden on the very edge of the map in front of a waterfall

X: 31.1, Y: 38.0, Z: 1.2

The Glostfired Bank At the back of the cave to the west

X: 6.4, Y: 23.9, Z: 1.3


An Aether Current can be found at Dock Poga. (Picture: Square Enix, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

All Kozama'uka Quest Aether Currents

Be sure to pick up the right quests to award Aether Currents. (Picture: Square Enix, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)
Quest NPC Coordinates

Ripe for the Offering


X: 20.0, Y: 11.7, Z: 0.0

Rite of the Wind's Chosen Lanuhanu

X: 16.4, Y: 10.3, Z: 0.0

All Good Potpacts Must Come to An End Movamuq

X:11.1, Y: 27.8, Z: 1.2

Divine Inspiration Vendavoq

X:11.6, Y: 26.9, Z: 1.2

MSQ Lv. 92 Sibling Rescue Koana 

X:31.9, Y: 25.4, Z: 1.1


Note that some of these Aether Currents, particularly those tied to quests, won't be available until reaching certain points in the MSQ. However, all of these can be completed very early on in the expansion.

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