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Best Pictomancer Job Rotation In Final Fantasy XIV

Time to get creative with Pictomancer. Here's how to get the most out of this Job.
Best Pictomancer Job Rotation In Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix, Alexandra Hobbs

With the release on the Dawntrail expansion, two brand new jobs have been added to Final Fantasy XIV. Viper, a new Physical DPS, and Pictomancer, a new Magical Ranged DPS. Both Jobs are a delight to play, as we discussed in our Dawntrail preview, but they can take some getting used to.

As any FFXIV player knows, the best way to get the most out of your Jobs is to learn their rotations.

How To Play Pictomancer In Final Fantasy XIV: Best Rotation

6660faf9768a7-Screenshot 2024-05-30 16-31-55.png
Utilise the Canvases to execute big combos. (Picture: Square Enix, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

The core aspects of Pictomancer abilities revolve around Canvases and Muses. By utilizing the Creature Canvas, Weapon Canvas, and Landscape Canvas, you can achieve a multitude of effects. Let's break down each canvas.

Creature Canvas

Creature Motifs are painted onto the Creature Canvas, brought to life by using Living Muse. By using Depiction of Pom and Depiction of Wings, you'll creates a Moogle Portrait, allowing you to use Mog of the Ages.

Weapon Canvas

Weapon Motifs are painted onto the Weapon Canvas, brought to life through Steel Muse. By painting the Hammer Motif, Striking Muse can be performed, allowing you to then use Hammer Stamp.

Landscape Canvas

Landscape Motifs are painted on the Landscape Canvas, for which you'll be using Scenic Muse. When the Starry Sky Motif is painted on the canvas, Starry Muse can be performed, increasing the damage dealt by self and party members.


Pictomancers also have magical abilities to use against single enemy targets and multiple targets:

Single Target:

  • Fire in Red
  • Aero in Green
  • Blizzard in Cyan
  • Water in Blue


  • Fire II in Red
  • Aero II in Green
  • Blizzard II in Cyan
  • Water II in Blue

Pictomancer Rotation

For Pictomancer rotations, you'll want to focus on stringing together the Motif Magicks to create powerful combos using the above Canvases. Each motif type can be assigned to your hotbar and they will automatically be replaced with the respective Motif Magicks. 

For example, if you set a Creature Motif, it will automatically be replaced with one of four motifs: Pom Motif, Wing Motif, Claw Motif, and Maw Motif. The same applies to muse Magicks depending on which Muse was selected. Using these to execute an attack will generate a Depiction in your HUD. If you depict multiple of the same creature, you'll be able to execute a powerful Depiction. This works with Creature, Weapon, and Landscape Canvases. 

You can also weave in Aetherhues: Fire in Red — Aero in Green — Blizzard in Cyan — Water in Blue (or their AoE equivalent).