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End-of-season missions coming soon in Fortnite v10.40.1 patch notes

Season X has been extended by a week, leaving less than two weeks to complete challenges and level up the Battle Pass.
As Fortnite winds down on Season X, the patches have continued to drop every week and this week is no different. While not the biggest or most exciting update, the road is being paved towards a highly-anticipated Season 11.

A Out of Time Overtime Mission to unlock end-of-Season cosmetics and a commemorative Loading Screen, as well as additional XP, will be going live 8th October until 13th October. This is a week later than expected, but rumours have suggested the next Season could see a whole new map after ten Seasons on the same ever-changing landform. Whatever is coming, players can expect bigger changes coming soon.

These will also be the last few days to get to experience Gotham City and obtain the Batman Caped Crusader Pack from the store as these will not carry over into Season 11.

The Flint-Knock Pistol has been unvaulted and is the only change to the loot pool this time around.

Zone Wars have been split into two separate LTM playlists with Desert, Vortex, Colosseum and Downhill River picked at random for the two separate player pools. Solo players will now only face other lone players in a free-for-all while the Party will pit groups against each other to keep things fair for those playing alone.

Creative has not been forgotten in this patch. Meteor Prop Gallery, Core Gallery and Particle Gallery, or all three combined in the Meteor Prefab, might just seem like a collection of rocks, but the potential for them to help create apocalyptic or sci-fi inspired atmospheres for games makes them an interesting addition to the game.

The full patch notes, including details about Save the World's mission of the week and new harvesting tool 'The Surround Hammer', are available on the Epic Games website and the patch is now live across all platforms.