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Fortnite Battle of the Boroughs: schedule, format, prize pool & how to watch

This NY focused Fortnite trophy will see teams compete
Fortnite Battle of the Boroughs: schedule, format, prize pool & how to watch

Andbox, a gaming and esports organization based in New York and proud owners of the New York Subliners have announced their first official Fortnite tournament titled Battle of the Boroughs, complete with a hybrid open bracket-last chance qualifier style format to see which team reps the best trio squad in the New York City Metropolitan Area.



The brainchild of Andbox Events Specialist, Daniel Lee, the tournament will offer an opportunity for the top 33 teams of players in the NYC area to rep their hood and stomping ground, on the way to claim a piece of the $55,000 prize 



Fortnite Battle of the Boroughs tournament schedule format prize pool how to watch
(Picture: Andbox)


The Andbox Battle of the Boroughs Tournament featuring Fortnite will consist of eight regions encompassing NYC and its immediate surrounding areas. Regions include:

  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Upstate NY
  • Long Island
  • New Jersey

Regional qualifiers can be accomplished in two ways - submission of gameplay and registering for an open bracket

  • Qualification Method #1: Drop into Public Matchmaking Trio Arena with your team and record your games. You can play as many games as you’d like up until Qualification Method #1 closes July 10. Submit your best two games.
  • Qualification Method #2: Sign your team up by July 6 to participate. Teams will be emailed more information shortly after. Teams will play against those in their region in a custom lobby to see who qualifies.

The top teams from the qualification phase will move on to the regional finals section of the tournament.

  • Top 33 teams from each region compete in the Regional Finals, which will determine the winners of each borough and their share of the $10,000 Regional Finals Grand Prize. 
  • Those top 33 teams, selected across all regions from the Regional Finals winners, will compete in the Grand Finals for the lion’s share of the $35,000 grand prize. 

Players looking for a team in a particular region can do so by joining the official Andbox Discord for Battle of the Boroughs.



Qualifications for online submissions began June 25 with the last chance open bracket taking place over the second weekend in July.

  • Satellite Qualifications: June 25 – July 10
  • Last Chance Qualifiers: July 10-11
  • Regional Finals: July 17
  • Battle of the Boroughs Grand Finals: July 24


Players and teams earn points not only for eliminations but also for their placement at the end of the match.


Final Placement Points awarded
Victory Royale 60
2nd 53
3rd 47
4th 40
5th 35
6th 30
7th 27
8th 24
9th 21
10th 18
11th 15
12th 12
13th 9
14th 6
15th 3

Each elimination: 5 points

Official merchandise to rep your region during the Battle of the Boroughs Tournament


Battle of the Boroughs How to watch
(Picture: Andbox)


Prize Pool

The prizing structure is divided into the qualification period, regional finals (State/Borough), and Grand Finals. The breakdown is as follows:

Qualification Period ($5,000 total)
Method 1 (Self Run MVP) - top score across all boroughs:
1st - $1,000

Method 2 (Administration Run MVP) – top score across all boroughs:
1st - $2,000
2nd - $1,250
3rd - $750

State/Borough Finals ($1,250 per state/borough; $10,000 total)
1st - $575
2nd - $375
3rd - $225
4th - $75

Grand Finals ($35,000 total)
1st - $7,500
2nd - $4,000
3rd - $3,500
4th - $3,000
5th - $2,750
6th - $2,400
7th - $2,150
8th - $1,700
9th - $1,400
10th - $1,100
11th - $1,000
12th - $915
13th - $810
14th - $675
15th - $600
16-20th - $300


Fortnite Battle of The Boroughs: How to Watch

Battle of the Boroughs will be streamed on the Andbox official Twitch channel. We have embedded the channel for you below.

The live dates are as follows:

July 17 - Regional Finals
July 24 - Grand Finals

There will be more information regarding the official start time as well in the coming days.